mozart 100® 2020 - Kicking off Soon!

17 Σεπ 2019

Hello and Servus from Salzburg!
Since weeks we are busy with a lot of enthusiasm and joy with the preparations of the ninth edition of mozart 100® on 20 June 2020. Now it's time for you, as the main actor of mozart 100®, to start again: The online registration will be open from 1 October 2019. Until 30 November 2019, there are very attractive offers for early bookers who want to secure their starting place now. There will be participant limits for some applications. 

In 2020 there will be changes in the distances of the two ultra distances mozart 100 and mozart Ultra. Detailed information can be found below.

Aspirants for the UTMB® can now qualify for the UTMB® with the Running Stones at the mozart 100® without having to hope for the lottery. Read more under "ITRA and Running Stones".
We are pleased to present the mozart 100® Trail Boutique. Via the mozart 100® website you can access our shop which offers all mozart 100® - merchandising articles as well as other selected products of the brands naked® and Compressport.
We also present the most important results of the 2019 participant survey, which reflects your feedback on mozart 100® this year.
As a special highlight we are pleased to present you the new mozart 100® film. With this video we show you the most beautiful shots and moments of mozart 100® 2019, which should also be a great incentive for your competition on 20 June 2020.
We wish you a happy and healthy autumn

Cordially Yours

2020 - What are the news

The competition mozart 100® remains almost unchanged with 108 kilometers and 5,000 meters of elevation gain. However, the course will differ from lake Eibensee (km 37) for a few kilometres to Winkl (km 45) from where it continues as usual to the Schafbergalm. With this change, the mozart 100 has become even more attractive with new fantastic views of Lake Mondsee. The time limit will again be 22 hours; the successful finish of the mozart 100 will be rewarded with five ITRA points.

There will be a significant change with the second ultra distance mozart Ultra. The start of mozart Ultra will be moved from the city of Salzburg to Fuschl am See. From here the route is identical to that of the mozart 100®-competition. The new track therefore runs via the Schafbergalm, St. Gilgen, the Zwölferhorn Mountain to Fuschl. From here the route is the same as that of mozart Light. With this innovation, runners of mozart Ultra can now also enjoy the most beautiful mozart 100® sections in the enchanting Salzkammergut region. The new route measures 78 kilometres and 4,000 metres in positive elevation and has been certified with 4 ITRA points. The final time of 20 hours is generous, so this ultra competition should be finished successfully.

The courses of mozart Marathon (42 km, 1.700 hm), mozart Light (32 km, 1.150 hm), mozart Half Marathon (21km, 1.000 hm) and mozart City Trail (9 km, 300 hm) will not change from last year.




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