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GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRY™: The revolution in waterproof membranes!

Every piece of a mountain runner's equipment has its own particular importance. Undoubtedly, however, the most important piece of equipment when the weather really starts to show its teeth, is the waterproof jacket. So far, runners had to choose between reliable solutions that would burden them with extra weight or volume in their backpack or vest, or 'lighter' versions that would probably fail to perform in seriously bad weather. GORE® has taken it upon itself to change this, by introducing new GORE-TEX® SHAKEDRY™ technology, a true revolution in waterproof jackets!

The most important challenge that GORE® had to face, was creating a jacket that would maintain its characteristics under any conditions, and not become saturated, either externally, from the rain, or internally from sweat accumulation. When a material becomes saturated, its weight increases and athletes begin to feel the chill, especially in strong winds. To date, this problem was caused by the textiles' structure itself; whether they had 2 layers (2L) or 3 layers (3L), the external layer always "sat" on the Gore-Tex membrane. As a result, it would eventually lose its properties and retain rainwater and sweat, leading to this undesirable effect. Thanks to SHAKEDRY™ technology, for the first time,the GORE-TEX® membrane is on the outside of the material, thus eliminating the problem!



We had the pleasure of being the first to try GORE's new technology, as applied in the ONE Gore-Tex Active Run jacket - and were truly impressed by the fact that the company has managed to create a jacket that is extremely lightweight - weighing in at just 118 gramms - very packable and, most importantly... impossible to saturate! What we tested was the lightest and most waterproof Gore-Tex ever made!



Every single time we wore the jacket, we were amazed anew. After two hours of above-average intensity training, more than half of which was in the rain, the jacket felt as if we had just put it on. You really have to see it to believe it! It is impressively waterproof, with no water penetrating the jacket at all, and the view of the droplets of water rolling off the material is unprecedented!



As wet as it may be, a few quick shakes are enough to eliminate all the moisture that has been shed on it and dry it out as quickly as possible. From this feature moreover came the name ... SHAKEDRY ™!



It is also extremely breathable - the inside of the jacket stayed dry, which means that all the sweat had evaporated. At this point, we should point out that just because a jacket is breathable, that does not mean you don't sweat, especially under high stress. But you will sweat less, and there will be no dampness left on the inside of the material.


Another important factor is that this jacket makes less annoying noise when you are in motion, compared to other waterproof jackets. This is due to the remarkably soft texture of the fabric that will not irritate the skin if it is worn directly on it. 



Fit / Characteristics

The jacket's fit is quite snug, which is desirable since it minimizes friction and flapping in high winds. If you normally wear your jacket over your backpack/racing vest, you may want to go up a size. To save time and money, we suggest taking your backpack or vest with you when you go to the store to try the jacket on! If you are between sizes, do opt for the larger one.




The adjustable cuffs are useful for preventing rain and wind from penetrating the jacket, while the waist is also adjustable, although we would like it to be a bit lower.



The hood is very good fit and provides full visibility when you turn your head, thanks to the elastic around your face. Perhaps an adjustable elastic cord for tightening the hood would be a good idea, for an even better fit.


The jacket is quite protective around the neck, since it zips up to your chin; however, we would sacrifice a few more grammes to have it zip up a bit higher, for even better protection from high winds.



The front pocket is very useful, for things that you need quick and easy access to. It is best to avoid placing anything heavy or bulky there, however, since it will bounce as you run.



As with any serious waterproof jacket, the seams are welded to prevent any water from sneaking in.



Volume / Weight

Its versatility is priceless. You won't believe how light it is - an incredible 118 gramms. It is extremely packable, so you will never have to think twice about taking it with you. In case of doubt, you can stick it into your backpack or belt, or even hold it or wrap it around your wrist!




This is most certainly a jacket that incorporates the very best in current sports clothing technology. And that is not just a lofty claim, but a reality that you can see in practice when the weather gets tough and you need something that is both light and protective. This is a jacket you will never hesitate to take with you in any conditions, since its volume and weight are not an issue. Its price, close to € 300, definitely places it in the upper range of the market, and it is not the kind of purchase you can make every year. This is not the kind of cash you part with easily. But do think of it as an investment: We regularly spend over a remarkable amount for shoes that we will have to replace much faster than a waterproof jacket which, if used properly, will accompany us for many years and will often ensure our safety - making the investment worthwhile...


As with every piece of equipment: what you're wearing is top-of-the-range when you don't even know you're wearing it. In the case of the ONE Gore-Tex Active Run jacket, this is more than accurate! In other words, bring on the showers!


AlpamayoPro is the exclusive representative of GORE® products in Greece

Translation in English by Sofia Vlavianou

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