#sheisoutdoors, the first European award dedicated to women's outdoor sports products returns in a winter version!

Από 21 Οκτ 2021

#sheisoutdoors, the first European award dedicated to women's outdoor sports products returns in a winter version with 7 categories: Outdoor Professionals and Expedition; Camping; Hardware; Footwear; Apparel, Snow Sports and Girls. On Friday 5 November registration closes! All brand producing innovative, technologically advanced, highly functional outdoor gear designed for women and girls can apply for the award. The entry fee is 700 euros; there are discounts for multiple products submitted or agencies submitting products from multiple brands. The award has a summer and a winter edition every year.



The products must relate to the winter season 2021/22 and winter 2022/23.

An expert jury made up of female industry specialists will test and evaluate all submitted products, judging them on functionality, quality, choice of materials, sustainability, innovation, usability, target group and design.

The winners will be awarded during a mixed online and in-person event in January 2022, more information will follow.

There will be one gold winner and up to two winners. The jury will also award one women's outdoor product as the overall winner and the product with the highest contribution to environmental sustainability.

At the first edition, held in July 2021, 28 different brands such as Deuter, The North Face, Salomon, Scarpa, Norrøna, PYUA, Fjällräven, Osprey, Gregory, Bergans participated - a decidedly exciting competition that exceeded all expectations.



"We achieved much more than we thought we would. We invented something literally from scratch: we had no idea what to expect or whether the award would be accepted. Instead, we received an unbelievable number of applications and suggestions, which we have taken on board for the second edition," says Jana Erb. "Now we hope to make the award a regular event in the industry: we want to generate more attention around the topic and we need WOMENPOWER."

Jana Erb, Miriam Mayer and Maria Müller, the creators of #sheisoutdoors, were inspired by two requirements: on the one hand, they fight for equal treatment of the needs of women and men; on the other hand, they want to involve the female world in the development process of outdoor products, so that they can be adapted to their interests and needs without compromises.



Jana Erb and Miriam Mayer are photographers and digital creatives from Munich (Germany), Maria is an event manager in the outdoor industry. After many years in the outdoor industry, they decided to realise their long-cherished dream and create the first award dedicated exclusively to outdoor products designed for women.

"Our goal is to push the technical aspects of outdoor products designed for women beyond floral prints and 'pink it and shrink it'" explains Miriam Mayer.



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