ADVENDURE - Thailand by UTMB - Day 1!

Thailand by UTMB - Day 1!

01 Νοε 2020

The inaugural edition of Thailand by UTMB is going to end on Sunday 1st November 2020. This is the most challenging period in the world. Yet, Thailand By UTMB, hosted by Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) shows its potential to overcome all the uncertain circumstances. Successfully and safely, runners are back on the track and enjoyed an authentic trail running experience.   



Although there were uncontrollable problems on Day 1 as the Thai Meteorological Department announced that there would be a typhoon, Molave slammed into Vietnam and would pass over Thailand, Thailand by the UTMB team has prepared for the back-up plan carefully, as the highest priority is the safety of everyone, not only for the runners but also fot the volunteers, staff, and media.


Eventually, the cooperation of every single part brings the event surpassing obstacles and delivering the best destination as its quote.  More than 1,500 runners head to the rooftop of Thailand, Doi Inthanon, to be a part of this historic day. The champion is Sanya Kanchai, the same one as in the test event in February. This Thai elite ran the longest distance Inthanon 6 (100 miles) and achieved a time of  26:40:06.


At the 1st place Women of Inthanon 6 was Phitchanan Mahachot, crossing the finish at 36:16:38. 2020 is an unprecedented and challenging year. We, however, will neither give up nor stop in order to be THE BEST DESTINATION for all trail runners friends.



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Text & Video Credits: Thailand by UTMB


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