The Ultra Trail® World Tour rankings after Western States Endurance Run, TNF Lavaredo Ultra Trail and Mozart100!

10 Ιουλ 2018

The WSER and LUT weekend was one of the most anticipated weekends of the year, and it didn't disappoint, with the highly anticipated Western States Endurance Run and Lavaredo Ultra Trail, 160 and 120 kilometers respectively of pure happiness!


Western States Endurance Run

The american Jim Walsmsley wins the #WSER by setting a new record! He finished the race in 14 hours, 30 minutes and 04 seconds! That's 1 hour and 20 minutes less than the previous reconrd,, which happened to be by the French François d'Haene, with 15h54'53 ''. Mark Hammond takes the remaining men's podium slot.

Courtney Dauwalter finished first in the women's standings, and set the second best time ever in the woman's category! Followed by Kaytlyn Gerbin who came in second, and Lucy Bartholomew who arrived 20 minutes after Kaytlyn.


Lavaredo Ultra Trail

It is also an American who won the #LUT2018, in 12h16'20'', but with much tighter gaps! Indeed, only 04 minutes and 02 seconds separated Hayden Hawks from second place, by Pau Capell! The third, Tim Tollefson arrived only 50 seconds before the fourth runner!

The women's ranking is also dominated by an American, Kelly Wolf, who put 14:37 to complete the magnificent course of this ultra trail. Miao Yao will be second and Kathrin GÖTZ third, respectively at 14:52 and 15:03



Throwback to Mozart 100

The Mozart 100, the 11th race of the Ultra Trail World Tour 2018 took place on Saturday, June 16, in Salzburg, Austria.
It's 103 kilometers along with more than 4600 meters of elevation gain that runners had to face...

On this edition, it's the Austrians who were in the spotlight. Indeed, it's Austrians who took the first place of the men and women podiums!


Here are the podiums:
GRASEL Florian - 10:26:36

HALL Damian - 10:29:45

RABENSTEINER Alexander - 10:32:44


Trimel Martina - 11:57:50

MORWOOD Sarah - 12:12:03

LIMBERGER Veronika - 12:21:20



After a wicked weekend, here's a recap of the 2018 UTWT provisionnal rankings.

On the women's side, Kelly Wolf and Courtney Dauwalter are tied for first place, after their great performances last weekend! Kelly won the Lavaredo Ultra Trail and Courtney the Western States Endurance Run! Yoa Miao is currently in third place, after her second position at the #LUT2018.

For the men, the Spanish Pau Capell consolidated his first position by finishing second this weekend during the Lavaredo Ultra Trail. The young American Cody Reed enters the top 5 with the fifth position, thanks to his 7th place on the Western States Endurance Run.


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