ADVENDURE - The Ultra Trail® World Tour: Two weeks with a lot of races!

The Ultra Trail® World Tour: Two weeks with a lot of races!

15 Σεπ 2018

During the past two weeks we attended the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th races of the Ultra-trail® World Tour 2018! So let's recap by looking back on the UTMB®, the Ultra-Trail Harricana and the rankings of the UTWT 2018




The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc and its many races took place, as usual, during the last week of August.


This year, the UTMB® had an important elite field, with, in the female's category Caroline Chaverot, Mimmi Kotka, Clare Gallagher, Magdalena Boulet, Stephanie Howe Violett, to name only a few...
There were high expectations for the men's category as well, with Killian Jornet, Jim Walmsley, Luis Alberto Hernando, Tim Tollefson, Zach MIller and Xavier Thévenard...


But, hardly anything goes as planned during an Ultra-trail... Indeed, due to changing weather conditions (and other unforeseen circumstances), there was an avalanche of withdrawals that shook the race!


Finally, it's the jurassian, Xavier Thevenard, who won the men's race. He finished in less than 21 hours! He is what you'd consider a regular, with his 2 UTMB® wins, (he had also previously won the CCC® and TDS®), he just tied Killian Jornet and François D'Haene, who will all three of them hold 3 titles at the next UTMB®! Who's up for the challenge next year?


But it was in the women's category that the suspense made itself felt! After 171 kilometers, there was less than 5 minutes difference between the winner, Francesca Canepa, and second place Uxue Fraile Azpeita, herself followed closely by third. Withdrawals aside, what made this particular race a crazy one was that eveyone went ALL IN in the very last kilometers!

Women Podium:
- Francesca CANEPA : 26:03:48
- Uxue FRAILE AZPEITA 26:08:07
- Jocelyne PAULU 26:15:11

Men Podium:
- Xavier THEVENARD 20:44:16
- Robert HAJNAL 21:31:37
- Jordi GAMITO 21:57:01




1 minute and 43 seconds, is the gap that separated the first and the third man on the TDS®, the 15th race of the UTWT 2018! 100 kilometers were not enough to create a significant distance between the first three places... What can we say, it was an amazing ending! It was the Polish Marcin Świerc that took the TDS® 2018 by close to nothing.


In the women's category, and for the enjoyment of the great people of Chamonix, two French women stood tall on the podium! The first place is for Audrey TANGUY, followed by the American Rory Bosio and Caroline Benoit to fill the podium.


Women Podium :
- Audrey TANGUY - 16:05:22
- Rory BOSIO - 16:19:36
- Caroline BENOIT - 17:18:02

Women Podium :
- Marcin ŚWIERC – 13:24:00
- Dylan BOWMAN – 13:25:02
- Dmitry MITYAEV – 13:25:43




The CCC (Courmayeur-Champex-Chamonix), the 16th race of the Ultra-trail® World Tour had on its starting line great names of the world of trail. Pau CAPELL, Thomas EVANS, Cody REED and Marco DE GASPERRI, were present in the men's category for example. And they were very much present since two of them stood on the podium: Thomas EVANS in first place and Pau CAPELL in third.


On the women's side, Ida Nilsson and Miao Yao were the leaders of the race, and again, they came through as they both stood on the CCC®'s podium.


But wait, there's more! Miao YAO (first in women's) and Min QI (second in men's) are a couple... of trailers that were successful during this CCC®

Women's podium:
Miao YAO 11:57:46
Katie SCHIDE 12:28:42
Ida NILSSON 12:41:37

Men's podium:
Thomas EVANS 10:44:32
Min QI 10:50:07
Pau CAPELL 10:52:26


Congratulations to all the finishers and runners who were at the UTMB® races's starting lines.


Ultra-Trail Harricana du Canada


The Harricana Ultra-Trail®, the 18th race of the Ultra-trail® Wolrd Tour, and its 125km took place on the morning of Saturday, September 8.

The starting line saw some familiar faces like Hillary Allen, Mathieu Blanchard, Sarah Bergeron-Larouche and Luca Papi.

Men's podium:
- Jean-Francois Cauchon 13:47:08
- Colton Gale 13:55:35
- David Savard-Gagnon 14:03:49

Women's podium:
- Sarah Moniz 16:14:00
- Elisabeth Cauchon 16:45:12
- Karen Holland 19:25:37


This year the Harricana Ultra-Trail® shined thanks to its beautiful family story, Jean-François Cauchon and Élisabeth Cauchon are brother and sister. Their proud parents celebrated their performances at the finish line.


Ranking & races of the UTWT 2018


Back on the podiums of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour 2018 after these last 4 races.

Here is the temporary men's ranking:
- CAPELL Pau with 1865 points
- GAMITO Jordi with 1571 points
- IQ Min with 1565 points

Here is the temporary female's ranking:
- YAO Miao with 1865 points
- DAUWALTER Courtney with 1700 points
- WOLF Kelly with 1700 points
- CANEPA Francesca is also at 1700 points



3 races remain in the 2018 Ultra-Trail® World Tour before the champions are crowned.
Next race


Be at the rendezvous in Turkey this October 20, for the 19th race of the UTWT, the Salomon® Cappadocia Ultra-Trail®!



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