Ultra-Trail® World Tour World Rankings

03 Ιαν 2019

The circuit of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour 2018 is finished ... The UTWT 2018 is 21 races, 17 countries, about 2770 km course and more than 100 000 m of D + You have to want to be finisher and even more to win this circuit!

Winners of the Ultra-trail® World Tour 2018

The whole team of the Ultra-trail® World Tour is proud to present you the winners of this edition 2018:
Women podium:
  • Francesca CANEPA
  • Kelly WOLF

Men podium:

  •  Pau CAPELL
  • Jordi GAMITO
  • QJ Min

They will all be present on January 11 in Barcelona for the Ultra-Trail® World Tour by Volvic Awards Ceremony.

Ultra-Trail® World Tour World Rankings

This ranking counts the results of the last 3 years, with 5 races that are in the ranking. Here are the big winners:

Women podium :
  • Andrea HUSER
  • Magdalena BOULET
  • Fernanda MACIEL

Men podium :

  • François D'HAENE
  • Gedeminas GRINIUS
  • Pau CAPELL

You will also meet them at the awards ceremony organized with Volvic on January 11 in Barcelona!

Ultra-Trail® World Tour

2018's AWARD CEREMONY by Volvic
After passing through Paris, Hong Kong and live on television, the Ultra-Trail® World Tour Awards Ceremony is back in January 2019 in Barcelonawith Volvic, its official partner! All the big names of the trail will be present, as well as the representatives of the biggest races, to see the best trailers of 2018 to receive their trophies!

Friday, January 11, 2019 at the Miró Foundation to attend to the Ultra-Trail® World Tour Awards Ceremony by Volvic! Come celebrate the end of 2018 with the world of trail running and try to win bibs for the Ultra-Trail® World Tour races of the 2019 season..!


  • 17:00 Cocktail
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Encounters of the personalities of the trail

Get your tickets!


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