The Ultra-Trail® World Tour 2019 has begun!

07 Φεβ 2019

Like every year, the Ultra-Trail® World Tour circuit started in Hong Kong with the Vibram Hong Kong 100. As usual, the trail was amazing, but, this year, it was even more difficult than the past editions. 1842 runners took the start under a severe heat, and 549 runners didn’t finish the race, 10% more than the last edition... Proving the difficulty of this year’s edition...


Again, Chinese are present on places of honor, but this year even more as they are on each step of both feminine and masculine podiums! Congratulations to them! The winners of the competition are Lu Yangchun (11: 43: 20) for the women and Shen Jiasheng (10: 22: 02) for the men. Despite the difficult climatic conditions, both winners beat the previous records.

It was the first 100 kilometers for the winner Lu Yangchun and it gave her luck since she crossed the fnish line 34 minutes before the second contestant Xian Fuzhao! She asked Yao Miao, the winner of the last edition, for advices. Yao recommended to do the race at her own rhythm without forgetting to eat and drink!


During the race, we also had the opportunity to see Gediminas Grinius, winner of the 2016 UTWT circuit, who arrived in 6th position on the male ranking.


Top 3 Men:

1. Shen Jiasheng (China) 10:22:02

2. Liang Jing (China) 10:35:50

3. Zhang Zhenlong (China) 10:41:46


Top 3 Women:
1. Lu Yangchun (China) 11:43:20

2. Xiang Fuzhao (China) 12:17:32

3. Yang Guangmei (China) 12:43:19


Relive the best footage of the race in the video below!



Tarawera Ultramarathon


Within one day will start the second race of the season of the 2019 Ultra-Trail® World Tour! This time, we are heading to New Zealand and its magnificent landscapes for the eleventh edition of the Tarawera Ultramarathon in the Bay of Plenty.

At the program: with a positive height difference of over 3089 meters, this race of 102 kilometers will drive the athletes through exotic forests of New Zealand, crossing lakes and rivers.

We will see the American Courtney Dauwalter, 3rd of the UTWT 2018 and various international athletes such as Ryan Sanders, Cody Reed, Meghan Laws, Harry Jones, Sangré Sherpa, Armanda Basham, and of course, the baby of the country: Fiona Hayvice.

If you don’t have the chance of being present, you will still be able to follow the event live on the social media channels of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour… Be ready!


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