Transgrancanaria HG!

21 Φεβ 2019

The third race of the 2019 circuit of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour is starting tomorrow on the island of Gran Canaria in Spain! First Bonus Series race of the year, the TGC is going to be explosive with incredible elites! The runners will have to cross the island from north to south, for about 128 km and 7500 m of vertical elevation, in less than 30h. Kick off: tomorrow at 11:00 pm (UTC).



Elites on the Series Bonus race

Among the elites, we are going to see the 2 defending champions of the UTWT at the start of the race, Pau Capell and Miao Yao (bearing in mind that Pau also won the TGC last year). The winner of the 2018 edition, the Polish Magdalena Laczak, will also be present this year!

The Americans Kaytlyn Gerbin, Hayden Hawks and the Spanish Pablo Villa González will represent the Ultra-Trail® World Tour for this race, as well as Pau and Miao that we will follow attentively! See the list of the athletes participating to the race here

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Pau Cappel, champion of the UTWT 2018


For this much-awaited race, we asked some questions to our 2018 champion, Pau Capell.

Winner of the Transgrancanaira HG 2018 in 12:42:08, this year, he prepared for the race the same way as he did last year, with one main goal: “to be intelligent when climbing and being faster while descending and on flat”. He has in mind the goal of realizing a specific time and will see if competitors can do a better time than him. Because he accomplished his objective by winning the UTWT 2018, this year, Pau wants to give a 100% and enjoy every race he will do.

However, he will be present on the 2 Series Bonus races of the UTWT this year (Transgrancanaria and UTMB) as well as Patagonia Run and Mozart 100, which gives him good chances for the annual ranking... We'll follow him closely during the TGC and throughout the year!

See you tomorrow night to follow the start of the TGC live on our social medias!



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