mozart 100® 2020 - Information around Covid-19!

16 Μαρ 2020
Over the past week, the situation and the measures concerned have changed almost daily in Austria around COVID-19. For this reason we have waited a few days to take decisions - at least until 1 April - and to work out a serious communication for the time being. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a public health emergency of international concern as it relates to COVID-19. In response, and to prevent the virus from spreading further, governments around the world are taking a wide set of measures, including limitations on gatherings, events, and school activities, as well as travel and entry restrictions.


The current regulations of the Austrian Federal Government state that public life in Austria will be severely restricted in principle until 22 March 2020 and, beyond that, outdoor events with more than 500 participants will be prohibited until 1 April. Right now, mozart 100 on 20 June, 2020 is not affected by this measure. Therefore we will continue with the preparations for the 9th edition of mozart 100 as planned. If changes occur in this respect, we will re-evaluate the situation, make appropriate decisions and communicate them.
We want to remind you that all transfer, deferral and refund policies remain in effect and can be found here.
We are monitoring the situation with public health officials and authorities, including the Austrian Federal Ministery of Health to follow and implement guidelines dictated by health agencies and governments. 
We ask you to stay updated with respect to the impact of the outbreak in your location, follow governmental and agency recommendations to minimize risk, and follow any potential restrictions put in place. Anyone traveling for competition purposes should make themselves familiar with respective national and world health organization updates in those locations as well as travel policies from airlines and hotels. As always, athletes should monitor their personal health appropriately and not race or travel to any event if they are unwell.
We would also like to remind you to practice hygiene protection measures recommended by the WHO that can be found here.
For up-to-date information on Covid-19 refer to and to the website of The Austrian Federal Ministry of Health.

Please stay healthy,  protect yourself and your beloved ones!

Cordially Yours,
Josef Mayerhofer and the mozart 100®-team


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