07 Οκτ 2020
As some of you may know mozart 100® was created on a flight back from the Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica by a friend of mine and myself. That was back in February 2011. Only 16 months later more than 250 athletes participated in the first edition on June 23, 2012. As part of the Ultra-Trail World Tour®, mozart 100 has become the most important international trail running event in Austria with participants from more than 70 countries across (almost) all continents.


We have come a long way. Over nine years of developing the event ever further, my team and I have always strived to provide our participants with an extraordinary experience. As we near a decade of mozart 100 racing we are proud to announce the next phase of this unique event’s history.
Effective, September 29, 2020 the IRONMAN Group has acquired mozart 100 and we couldn’t be prouder to shape the future of our wonderful “life project” with a strong, professional and global partner.
It is a sign of highest distinction that The IRONMAN Group has decided to add mozart 100 to its trail running portfolio. mozart 100 is, after Ultra-Trail Australia and Tarawera Ultra Marathon in New Zealand, the first major trail event owned by the IRONMAN Group outside of Oceania.
My team and I will continue to run, direct and manage mozart 100. I personally will continue to be responsible for mozart 100 together with my colleague Claudia Kolussi and Race Director Sepp Gruber and our proven team. At this point I would like to thank these two long-time companions in particular, who have made a significant contribution to our success to date.
My personal thanks also go to the thousands of athletes who have taken part in the past eight issues of mozart 100. They are the heart of our event and our most important ambassadors.
Without our partners and sponsors, we would never have been able to give birth to mozart 100 and we would never have been able to hold it eight times so far. Since the very beginning, the Province and City of Salzburg with their support have been elementary pillars, as have the sponsors Stiegl and the Fuschlsee Region. In the course of time, Hervis, Red Bull, SalzburgerLand Tourism, Salzburg Tourism, Salzburg AIrport, La Sportiva and the Wolfgangsee Region have become valuable sponsors, whose loyalty we will continue to trust in the future.
The Covid-19 pandemic also had a significant impact on our event in 2020. The ninth edition of mozart 100  had to be rescheduled to 2021. While we were prevented from holding the event on the original date, we are looking forward to hosting an exceptional race experience at mozart 100 on June 19, 2021.
I thank you all for the trust you have placed in us so far and look forward to your continued support as we continue on our successful path.

Cordially Yours,
Josef Mayerhofer and the mozart 100®-team

P.S.: Registration for the ninth edition of mozart 100 will open on October 15, 2020!

About IRONMAN Group
As part of Advance, a New York-based family business, the IRONMAN Group operates a global portfolio of events that includes the IRONMAN® Triathlon Series, IRONMAN® 70.3® Triathlon Series, 5150™ Triathlon Series, Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series®, IRONKIDS®, Epic Mountain Bike Series and other multisport races. It also hosts an International Triathlon Union World Triathlon Series race, cycling road races, world-class running events including the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon and The Sun-Herald City2Surf®, presented by Westpac, and trail running races such as Ultra-Trail Australia™. IRONMAN events provide more than one million participants annually with the benefits of endurance sports through the company's extensive range of events.
The iconic IRONMAN® series of events is the largest sports platform in the world in which athletes participate. Since the introduction of the IRONMAN® brand in 1978, athletes have proven that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE® by crossing the finish line in the world's most challenging endurance races. From a single race, the IRONMAN Group has grown into a global sensation with more than 235 events in over 55 countries.


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