For many weeks we have been looking forward to the moment when the first athletes would register for the ninth edition of mozart 100. Now the time has come! Since today, Thursday, midnight CEST, the registration is open! Here you can directly access the REGISTRATION PORTAL!
As some of you may know mozart 100® was created on a flight back from the Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica by a friend of mine and myself. That was back in February 2011. Only 16 months later more than 250 athletes participated in the first edition on June 23, 2012. As part of the Ultra-Trail World Tour®, mozart 100 has become the most important international trail running event in Austria with participants from more than 70 countries across (almost) all continents.
The past weeks have been characterized by global developments around the Covid-19 pandemic. Here in Austria, our original goal was that the mozart 100® Ultra Trail could take place on 20 June 2020. However, after having assessed all event scenarios and in consultation with event stakeholders following the direction and recommendations by the Austrian Federal Government, we must confirm that the ninth edition of mozart 100® cannot take place in 2020 and will return on 19 June 2021.
The current regulations of the Austrian Federal Government, as announced on 6 April, state that public life in Austria will continue to be severely restricted and outdoor events will be prohibited until 30 June 2020. mozart 100 will therefore not take place as planned on 20 June 2020. For quite some time we have been working diligently to secure venues and a new race date later this year. We appreciate your patience in this very dynamic time.
Over the past week, the situation and the measures concerned have changed almost daily in Austria around COVID-19. For this reason we have waited a few days to take decisions - at least until 1 April - and to work out a serious communication for the time being. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a public health emergency of international concern as it relates to COVID-19. In response, and to prevent the virus from spreading further, governments around the world are taking a wide set of measures, including limitations on gatherings, events, and school activities, as well as travel and entry restrictions.
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