As of 1 October 2019 midnight the online registration for the ninth edition of mozart 100® is open. Until November 30th there is the best offer for early bookers who want to secure their starting place now. Finishers of mozart 100® (108 km and 5,000 altitude meters) are still awarded 5 ITRA points or five Running Stones for UTMB aspirants. mozart Ultra has a new route and now measures 78 km and 4,000 altitude meters. The competition starts in Fuschl and has the same route from KM 31 as the "big brother" mozart 100®. The cut off time is 20 hours and a successful finish is rewarded with 4 ITRA points.

Hello and Servus from Salzburg!
Since weeks we are busy with a lot of enthusiasm and joy with the preparations of the ninth edition of mozart 100® on 20 June 2020. Now it's time for you, as the main actor of mozart 100®, to start again: The online registration will be open from 1 October 2019. Until 30 November 2019, there are very attractive offers for early bookers who want to secure their starting place now. There will be participant limits for some applications. 

Σε έναν αγαπημένο αγώνα που διασχίζει τις πανέμορφες λίμνες και τα δάση γύρω από το γραφικό Salzburg της Αυστρίας ο Pau Capell πήρε μια σπουδαία νίκη στον δρόμο για τον τίτλο του Ultra Trail World Tour, την 3η κατά σειρά μετά τον Transgrancanaria και τον Patagonia Run και βρίσκεται στην πρώτη θέση της σχετικής κατάταξης. Στις γυναίκες το βάθρο κρίθηκε σε 11 μόλις λεπτά με την Αμερικανίδα Sally McRae να παίρνει στο τέλος σπουδαία νίκη. To Mozart 100 άλλωστε τείνει να γίνει και αγαπημένος προορισμός των Ελλήνων δρομέων βουνού αφού ούτε λίγο ούτε πολύ, δέκα συμπατριώτες μας ταξίδεψαν μέχρι την Αυστρία για να τρέξουν σε έναν από τους αγώνες της διοργάνωσης!

What an incredible week-end we had at mozart 100! The race started last saturday at 5 am in Salzburg, Austria. Weather conditions were tough. It was very hot and at the end of the day there was a big storm. The race was very tight for both women and men. Quicly, Pau Capell and Andris Ronimoiss took the lead. They ran together for a big part of the race. Eventualy, Pau took the lead and distanced himself from Andris who then was ten minutes behind him. Andris was not able to catch him but he did an amazing race. The Austrian Gerald Sancho Fister finished at the third place of mozart 100 welcomed by Austrian supporters. Thus, for the third time this year, Pau Capell wins an UTWT's race! Which will be the next one? Unfortunately, Obara Masatoshi was disqualified from the race because he went the wrong way.

Once again, Advendure was present at the Mozart100, as a guest of the Organiser and as official media sponsor of the Ultra Trail World Tour. The Mozart100 festival includes 10 different trail races, with headquarters in enchanting Salzburg, perhaps the most touristy destination in all of Austria. This is no coincidence, of course, since the city’s historic centre - with medieval architecture and fortresses bringing to mind knights in shining armour, a calm river traversing the centre, and a modern web of tourist shops, outdoor restaurants, body beer gardens and interesting museums and period homes - is very attractive to visitors. However, this is a destination for the well-off tourist, with prices well above average by Greek standards.



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