LUT 2020: A small group of top runners will run on the Cortina Trail while hundreds of athletes will attempt to run the same distance all over the world!

Από 19 Ιουν 2020

Cortina d'Ampezzo (Belluno), 19 - 06 - 2020 

The last weekend in June would have seen Cortina D’Ampezzo hosting over 5,000 runners from all over the world once again for the 14th edition of the La Sportiva Lavaredo Ultra Trail. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 emergency prevented holding the event but the organisers still want to give a sign of continuity by proposing a Virtual Race on a 48K route with 2,600 metres of altitude difference. The mechanism is very simple: all you need is to download an app, turn it on and run the required distance, all over the world, wherever you are. And so from 6 am on Saturday 27th to 11 pm on Sunday 28th of June, trail running lovers can choose when to leave and try out this new virtual challenge. 

But there will also be runners in the Dolomites of d’Ampezzo: on Saturday 27th of June, some top runners will start on Corso Italia and their run will be transmitted live with videocameras and satellite connection on the Lavaredo Ultra Trail’s and La Sportiva’s Facebook page.

Registration for the Lavaredo Ultra Trail Virtual is free of charge. “It’s not really a race”, Simone Brogioni and Cristina Murgia, the event organisers clarify, “so there will be no prizes or official rankings, but there will be a final reading of all the race times and a participation diploma which can be downloaded. The aim is to give continuity to an international event by trying to get runners out running wherever in the world they are, in full respect for current legislation but at the same time feeling close to the Dolomite mountains, the real protagonists of LUT”. 

Support for the initiative has come from the Municipal Administration of Cortina d’Ampezzo: “The La Sportiva Lavaredo Ultra Trail is a regular feature for our village”, explained the Mayor Gianpietro Ghedina, “and although it is virtual, we are delighted that the last weekend of June will be dedicated to this event which has become dear to all Cortina residents”. 

Besides La Sportiva, title sponsor of the event, Lavaredo Ultra Trail Virtual partners participating in the event are important brands such as Buff, Eolo, Garmin, Kratos. 



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