Antoine Guillon in Ultra Trail Pelion!

Από 17 Νοε 2017
Antoine Guillon in Camí de Cavalls Antoine Guillon in Camí de Cavalls © Marta Bacardit

Frenchman Antoine Guillon for most people involved in the mountain running sport does not need any recommendations. To make a long story short, he is one of the most important athletes of ultra trail in the world. His wins and podiums in prestigious ultra trail races speak for themselves; Win in Ronda Del Cims (Andorra Ultra Trail 2017), TDS 2017 - 2nd place, Grand Raid Reunion 2017 - 2nd place (a total of 11 entries with one win, three 2nd places, one 3rd and four 4h places), Madeira Island Ultra Trail (81K) 2017 - 1st place, Ultra Trail World Tour champion in 2015 and other wins or podiums in races such as The North Face Transgrancanaria, Ultra-Trail® D'Angkor, Vibram Hong Kong 100, Tor Des Géants, top-ten in UTMB etc. So it was a very pleasant surprise when we learned that a living legend of ultra trail will visit our country to run at Ultra Trail Pelion! With no hesitation we came in contact with him to learn more about this great athlete and to even more surprise to us, we learned that Greece in a few words is his ... second home! Read these and many more interesting facts about Antoine Guillon in an exclusive interview in Advendure just a few days before meeting him in Pelion!

[Advendure]: Hi Antoine! It's an honor to see you run in Greece! Although we know your athletic achievements, could you tell us more about you and your sports / running background?

[A. Guillon]: I run for 30 years. I began with the road until 2002. I also dived a lot in Greece, 2 to 4 hours a day during a month every year since I'm young. In 2002 I discovered the trail, then ultra trail in 2004. Often I ride 5 times a week, and run in the tracks 5 times also. I'm fond of being outside for a long time.


[Advendure]: How did you learn about Ultra Trail Pelion? What are your expectations from the race?

[A. Guillon]: I found this Ultra by looking on facebook for Greek runners communities. I liked the website with the pictures, and the idea to return to Greece (we went there 3 weeks in July) to participate in a trail race and discuss with Greek runners attracted me. It is one special year, because I shall return to Greece from December 20th till January 5th for Christmas holidays!



[Advendure]: After your 2nd place in Diagonale des Fous less than one month ago, what is your current condition? Have you fully recovered?

[A. Guillon]: I quickly recovered. After 5 rest days, I turn to train with the bike every day, then with the trail running after 10 days, but small outings of 1 or 2 hours. I feel good, but it has no importance if I miss a little of energy, I am going to take pleasure with the atmosphere of the race and the new landscapes.


[Advendure]: In general, what are your main considerations when you choose an international race? Do you enjoy travelling around the world to meet new people and in the same time race in new places?

[A. Guillon]: I like discovering new regions, sharing with the inhabitants the way they live and eat. I like visiting countries, mixing the sport and the cultural aspects of the excursion, running with groups to have some good times.



[Advendure]: What motivates you to keep performing well in such a top level?

[A. Guillon]: I always had the taste of the challenge. I especially like discovering what I am capable to do, to try to overtake my limits and to give the maximum. I always progress because I train without running speedy, just by observing the ground and by working the technique of ascent and descent, and also the muscular power.


[Advendure]: What keeps you fit in winter time? Do you practice some other sports during trail running off-season?

[A. Guillon]: I never stop. The climate at my home is the same with that of Peloponnese one near the sea. I can cycle all year long. It is not snowing and is not almost raining.


[Advendure]: What are your target races for 2018? Do you choose your race schedule depending on the competitiveness of the runners field? The more competitive, the more challenging?

[A. Guillon]: I am going to travel in South Africa, a race with very few runners, for the pleasure to discover, then UTMF in Japan, for the challenge and the visits, in Minorca to make the tour of the island (185km) which I like and to find friends there. There will be 4 another races and of course the Grand Raid Reunion for the 12th consecutive year, my biggest challenge every year. I shall also have 4 internships and I think of creating an event of discovery multisports of 5 days in Peloponnese, with the trail of course, but it will be for 2019.



[Advendure]: We see that you participate in the QUARTZ program. How important is for you to keep trail running a clean sport?

[A. Guillon]: It is very important because our sport is young and we can keep it clean, to show that we wish it. I am proud to be a member of the Program Quartz.


[Advendure]: Can you give us some details about the Grand Raid 6666, the ultra trail race that you organize? Would you suggest the race to the Greek trail running community?

[A. Guillon]: It is an ultra race that I organize in family for 9 years. It is in the massif of Caroux, a magnificent, wild mountain, with many rocks and covered with small trees. The rises and the descents often offer between 600 and 800m, technical. The race is 115 km and 7000m +, a tourist loop which passes in vineyards and typical villages. I hope that the Greek runners will come to discover it, it is warm in June, and there are activities for every family such as is canoë, some climbing, routes of mountain bike, swim in rivers, visit picturesque villages etc


[Advendure]: Can you conclude telling us about your dream as an athlete and as a person?

[A. Guillon]: The trail is a discipline which moves closer to people of all the social classes, which makes us take care of our body and understand it, which teaches us the patience and the humility, which gives us a physical powerful and mental strength. Thanks to it, we can launch challenges. I would like to run large crossings and to continue to give advices still by writing other books and by organizing other training courses in several countries. But for the moment a beautiful adventure soon waits for me: run in Greece trail ultra Pelion !


 [Advendure]: Thank you very much Antoine, looking forward to meeting you at Pelion!

Τάκης Τσογκαράκης

Η αγάπη του για το βουνό ξεκινάει πολλά χρόνια πίσω με τις πρώτες αναβάσεις στην αγαπημένη του Πάρνηθα και μετέπειτα με την σχολή Ορειβασίας του ΕΟΣ Αχαρνών. Το 2007 έτρεξε τον πρώτο του αγώνα ορεινού τρεξίματος και από τότε ονειρεύεται "όλο και ψηλότερα, όλο και μακρύτερα". Ελπίζει να το κάνει για πολλά χρόνια ακόμα...


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