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Από 21 Νοε 2017

The Mozart100® race is part of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour, as well as being a qualifying race for the famous Western States 100The race headquarters are in the gate to the Alps and birthplace of Mozart, the second most touristy Austrian city, the historic and beautiful Salzburg. Uniquely, this race brings you to a destination where you can visit a city with an enormous historical and cultural heritage, while at the same time participating in a now world-renowned ultra-trail race. What's more, runners who do not feel ready to tackle the ultra distance can choose between 5 other shorter individual races and 3 relay races, that will satisfy even the most demanding of athletes. 

The historical centre of Salzburg has been declared a Monument of Global Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. It is an open-air baroque museum, with many sights that will satisfy every preference. Cathedrals, impressive palaces, picturesque streets with cafés and beer gardens, imposing buildings and museums are just some of the sights that you can enjoy in the city. And for those of us who live and breathe for trail running, just outside the city's medieval cobbled streets is an untouched natural landscape with beautiful lakes, dense forests and mountain trails that lead to alpine fields and peaks with an endless, breathtaking view.  The Mozart100® routes are beautiful and exciting, and provide participating athletes with a wonderful experience and a powerful, exciting racing challenge, as described in our article last year, after we participated in two of the event's individual competitions.



For the second consecutive year, Advendure is an official media sponsor for the Mozart100. But that is not all; after last year's successful cooperation, we have joined forces with the organizers to create a travel package for all Greek athletes who would like to travel to Mozart's homeland and run in the beautiful mountains surrounding it, on June 16th, 2018. The package is designed to offer the racing experience of a major ultra-trail event, but also a great cultural and tourist experience in a historic city definitely worth visiting.


Πριν αναλύσουμε το τι περιλαμβάνει το πακέτο, ας δούμε λίγο τα στοιχεία της διοργάνωσης. Το Mozart100 περιλαμβάνει ουσιαστικά 6 ατομικούς αγώνες και 3 σκυταλοδρομίες:


Individual Competitions


1. Mozart100, 103Km, +/- 4.600m, 5 ITRA points

2. Scenic Ultra, 61Km, +/- 2.000, 3 ITRA points

3. Scenic Marathon, 42Km, +/- 1.500m

4. Scenic Light, 31Km, + 1.142 m/- 1.373 m

5. Scenic Half-Marathon, 21Km, + 800 m/- 1.100 m

6. City-Trail, 13Km, +/- 300 m


Team Competitions:


1. Mozart100 Relay:

Team member 1:  Salzburg – Fuschl: 30 km
Team member 2:  Fuschl– Fürberg: 28 km
Team member 3:  Fürberg – Hof: 24 km
Team member 4:  Hof – Salzburg:  21 km

2. Scenic Ultra Relay:

Team member 1:  Salzburg – Hinterwinkl: 11 km
Team member 2:  Hinterwinkl – Fuschl:     20 km
Team member 3:  Fuschl – Hof:                   10 km
Team member 4:  Hof  – Salzburg:              20 km

3. City Trail Team Competition: Each team member runs 13Km



Further information about the races included in the event is available here, and the registration process is described here. Technical information about each race is available here. Please note that the cost of registration is not included in the package, and must be paid by each runner via the event website; however, athletes participating through the Advendure package are guaranteed places in the race (in the event of a draw due to more participants than the organizers allow), and also the fee is fixed throughout the registration period, in contrast to the usual registration procedure, whereby the registration fee increases as the race date approaches.  For example, if a runner uses the Advendure package to run the Mozart100, they will pay € 109 whenever they register for the race, while without the package they would have to pay € 129 after 01/01/2018 and € 149 if they registered after 01/04/2018. On the basis of the above, the following table shows the cost of registration, followed by the services provided.




Services included in the registration fee:


- Personalised bib number incl. RFID time keeping-tag without lending fee

- Race Guide (Pocket Version)

- Starter pack with little gifts

-  Race Briefing on the evening before the event

- Clothing depot in the start/finish area

- Drop Bags for the Mozart 100 (at KM 29/72)

- Clothing service for the Scenic Light and Scenic Half Marathon competitions, which start outside of Salzburg

-  Bus shuttle service for relays and to the starts of the Scenic Light and Scenic Half Marathon to Fuschl/See

- Rich refreshment stations, approx every 10km on the course with drinks, food, energy bars and gels

- Finisher Drinks & Food at Kapitelplatz square in Salzburg

- Shower and changing room facilities next to the finish area

- Massage service next to the finish area

- Finisher medal for all finishers of each competition

- Finisher gift for all finishers of each competition

- Medical first aid in the finish area

- Certificate download with the result lists

- Time keeping, interim times and results with ABAVENT

-  Results online

-  Photo service with Sportograf


Services included in the Mozart100 - Advendure package:


- Three (3) nights at the ONE SALZBURG-MIRABELL hotel

- Rich breakfast buffet at the hotel every day

- One (1) dinner at the Krimpelstätter restaurant (first day of the package)

- One (1) dinner at the Stieglkeller restaurant (second day of the package)

- One (1) dinner in Salzburg's main square (Kapitelplatz) after the race

- All hotel taxes

- Free Wi-Fi at the hotel

- No charge for water at the hotel (NB drinking water is very expensive in Austria!)

- Guaranteed participation in one of the event's races (ATTENTION: The cost of registration is not included in the package, and must be paid by each runner via the event website)

- Food and refreshments throughout the selected race

- Participation in the “Mozart 100® Sound of Music Tour"


Services NOT included in the Mozart100 - Advendure package:


- Travel expenses to/from Salzburg

- Transportation (other than that already included in the registration cost for the event's races)

- Cost of registration in any of the Mozart 100® races

- Drinks during the three (3) meals included in the package

- Travel insurance

- Personal expenses

- Travel modules


The total cost of the package for one person and for the period 14-17 June 2018 is:

Single room: € 420

Double room: € 314


The ONE SALZBURG-MIRABELL hotel (arrival and check-in on Thursday, 14 June) is located on the banks of Salzach River, which crosses Salzburg, at a convenient distance for visiting the historic centre of the city (and other sights, such as the Mirabell palace) and for accessing the Mozart 100® start area. Salzburg's main railway station is 800 metres from the hotel, while the city airport is 15 minutes away by car or 20 minutes on public transport. All rooms have air conditioning, flat-screen satellite TV, a desk, bathroom and sitting area; the hotel has free Wi-Fi and a bar.


 Το ξενοδοχείο ONE SALZBURG-MIRABELL στο Salzburg!


The Krimpelstätter restaurant, where dinner (3 courses) is offered on the first day, Thursday 14 June, is a traditional Salzburg restaurant serving excellent local beer, Austrian wine and dishes using exclusively local produce. Weather permitting, dinner can also be served in the restaurant's beautiful garden. The restaurant is 8 minutes' walk from the hotel.


The “Mozart 100® Sound of Music Tour” included in the package, will take place on Friday, 15 June. At 11 a.m., after breakfast at the hotel, a coach will pick us up at the Paris Lodron/Mirabellplatz station. The tour will take us to the setting of the famous musical “The Sound of Music”, and to other significant locations in the historical city of Salzburg and the beautiful landscapes of Salzkammergut. The tour also passes by some of the important spots included in the Mozart 100® route. The coach will return to Salzburg between 3 and 4 p.m., so that athletes can pick up their race packages and bibs.



The registration and pick-up process is followed by the second dinner, this time at the Stieglkeller restaurant, one of the most traditional restaurants in the city, right below Hohensalzburg castle and next to Kapitelplatz square in the heart of Salzburg's historical centre (event registration venue, start & finish line of the Mozart 100®). The view from the restaurant is amazing, and the beer produced on-site is perhaps the most traditional in the area!


On Saturday, June 16th, we run! The Mozart 100® races have different starting times, and some of them start in villages outside the city; however, everything (transport, schedule) is arranged down to the smallest detail by the organizers, and all necessary information can be found on the event's very comprehensive website. The awards ceremony takes place at 7:30 p.m. in Kapitelplatz square, after the races have been completed; if last year's experience is anything to go by, the ceremony is among the best and most enthusiastic we have seen, with loud music, a great mood, plenty of food and amazing local beer.



To recap, the “Mozart 100® - Advendure” package covers three nights' accommodation with breakfast and the meals described, the tour on Friday and the services described above, while the registration fee (via the event's website at a fixed minimum price throughout the registration period and with guaranteed participation in the race - ATTENTION: all athletes using the packages and registering for the race after 1 January 2018 must contact Ms Claudia Kolussi at Αυτή η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου προστατεύεται από τους αυτοματισμούς αποστολέων ανεπιθύμητων μηνυμάτων. Χρειάζεται να ενεργοποιήσετε τη JavaScript για να μπορέσετε να τη δείτε. before registering on the event website, so as to receive a special voucher code and ensure the fixed registration fee included in the package) and transport to and from Salzburg are not included.


To register for the package, interested athletes must contact Ms Claudia Kolussi, one of the senior organizers, directly at: Αυτή η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου προστατεύεται από τους αυτοματισμούς αποστολέων ανεπιθύμητων μηνυμάτων. Χρειάζεται να ενεργοποιήσετε τη JavaScript για να μπορέσετε να τη δείτε., quoting the package: “Mozart 100® - Advendure”.


Salzburg is a beautiful and historic city definitely worth visiting, while the surrounding natural landscape, the forests, lakes and mountains are the ideal setting for an ultra-trail race. The package designed by the organizers and offered to Advendure is the perfect opportunity to make sure you don't miss this unique experience. For a thorough overview of the race and the area, please read the article about our participation in the Mozart 100® race last year (in Greek): “Mozart 100: Lakes, forests and mountain trails in Salzburg”.


Dimitris Troupis

Translation to English: Sofia Vlavianou

Δημήτρης Τρουπής

Γεννήθηκε στο Ξυλόκαστρο Κορινθίας το 1969 και ζει στην Πάτρα τα τελευταία 30 χρόνια. Συμμετείχε στην συντακτική ομάδα του Adventure Zone από το 2009, ενώ μαζί με τον Τάκη Τσογκαράκη ίδρυσαν και "τρέχουν" το Advendure.  Παθιάζεται με τους αγώνες ορεινού τρεξίματος, υπεραντοχής και  περιπέτειας. Έχει πολλές συμμετοχές και διακρίσεις σε αγώνες ορεινού τρεξίματος όλων των αποστάσεων, με έμφαση στους αγώνες ultra trail.  Θεωρεί ότι το τρέξιμο στην φύση μας βοηθά να ενισχύσουμε την περιβαλλοντική ευαισθητοποίηση μας.


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