ADVENDURE - 17th Olympus Marathon 2021 - A legendary race in the majestic Mount of Gods!

17th Olympus Marathon 2021 - A legendary race in the majestic Mount of Gods!

Από 29 Ιουν 2021

Olympus Marathon, the unique trail running race, took place, on the 26 of June 2021, on Mount Olympus for the 17th time. It's a demanding race of 44km in length on the Mount of Gods with 3200m of positive ascent. Τhis year Olympus Marathon was run under unique conditions for all the participants, strictly following all the safety measures and at the same time trying to make it convenient to all those, who took part in it.


The route taken by the athletes is an ancient holy trail followed by pilgrims in the past, who travelled from Dion to the summits of Mount Olympus, in homage to Zeus.

Starting in Dion, this year's 415 athletes followed an uphill route for 21 kilometres, to reach an altitude of 2600 metres in the Muses Plateau. They then crossed "Zonaria", below the well-known Throne of Zeus, and started their descent via "Zolotas" refuge, "Prionia" and Enipeas Gorge, before completing their exciting race in Litochoro town.

This year's winner was Dimitrios Theodorakakos of Salomon Hellas, 05:09:25. The second place took Dimitrios Eleutheriou of Dynafit, 05:13:11. The third winner was Thanasis Pagounadis of Salomon Hellas, 05:15:52.

In the women's category, the first winner was Christina Giazitzidou of Salomon Hellas with, 06:06:28, whilst in second place, Maria Malai of La Sportiva Team Greece, 06:19:52, and finally in third place, Foteini Koloka of Salomon Hellas, 06:25:33.

Despite high temperatures and very hot weather conditions, 365 athletes finished the race in valid time representing 13 countries.

The Olympus Marathon Trail Running event takes place in cooperation with the Municipality of Dion-Olympos.

The Main Sponsor is the company PRODEA Investments Company.

Sponsors are Salomon, Suunto, Runner Store, Deloitte, Stoiximan, ELVAL COLOUR, Ravago Hellas, Monotez S.A., Novo Νordisk, Squeezy Sports Nutrition, Vikos natural mineral water.


Text & Photo Credits: Olympus Marathon

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