mozart100 by UTMB® 2023: An interview with Josef Mayerhofer & Claudia Kolussi!

Last year was a trial one for the UTMB® World Series, as well as for the mozart100 by UTMB®, but it was very successful. The Salzburg race brought thousands of athletes from 60 countries to the historic and picturesque homeland of Mozart, who ran in one of the 6 races of the event and on the trails that cross the beautiful forests, lakes and mountains of Salzburger Land. But what can we expect from this year's event, which will take place on June 17, 2023? What changes are likely to occur, and what does the brand "by UTMB®" bring to the event? Why should an athlete choose it and what will they enjoy by running in one of its races? What is the vision for the future of the successful race, but also for the UTMB® World Series as a whole? Advendure is once again one of the media sponsors of the event, and will run and write about it, but for now let's learn more about the upcoming race through the interview with Josef Mayerhofer and Claudia Kolussi, Project Managers of mozart100 by UTMB®!


[Advendure]: Second year that Mozart100 belongs to the list of the “by UTMB®” races. What it looks like so far? In what aspects of the organization seems to make a big difference, compared to the past?

[mozart100]: Actually the changes are not that big, it is more about little details and refining aspects of the event to make it better and to unify all “by UTMB”-races. You will see these aspects for example in the award ceremony and the medals and trophies, some rules and regulations changed and of course all races moved to a new website to create a more unique look and feel.

[Advendure]: IRONMAN group is now running the organization of the event. This is of course an asset of the race. Based on that, what changes shall we expect for the future?

[mozart100]: Creating the UTMB® World Series is a big project. Last year was kind of a test year and it has been quite successful overall. It is great to work in this UTMB family now, we can all learn from each other to make the races even more successful. Regarding the UTMB World Series Finals, we would like to try to also create a race for the 100M qualification category at a certain point, if this will happen already from next year on is not certain, as of course it will come with a lot of planning and challenges, but overall an exciting phase in which we are right now.


[Advendure]: What about the registrations progress so far? Will they surpass the already promising numbers of 2022? Give as an overview of the numbers so far and the of the stage of preparations for the upcoming event.

[mozart100]: We see a much bigger interest from international athletes. Last year we had athletes from 60 nations which was already a big increase, this year we even have athletes from 75 nations racing with us. Also the total number of athletes is increasing which is of course great and we look forward to welcoming everyone to Salzburg. This increase in registrations of course also brings a few challenges, but we really look forward to work on them; for example we need to plan much more space in the finish and after race area in Salzburg’s old town and also increase the number of shuttle busses which transport our athletes from Salzburg to the respective starts in the Salzburger Land.

[Advendure]: Big race, big names, great competition! Can you give us some elite runners names in mountain running and ultra-trail that will compete in the 2023 edition?

[mozart100]: No big names completely confirmed yet


[Advendure]: Are there any remaining changes like last year or the 2023 edition will return to the classic routes?

[mozart100]: We made some small adjustments on the mozart 100 and the mozart Ultra distances and we hope that we could add another little highlight to the course. We added another ascent to the Filbling mountain which will be a good challenge and a great reward on the summit with the view on lake Fuschl.


[Advendure]: In the past, Salzburg citizens did not seem to understand 100% the spirit of such a race. Has this changed over the last years?

[mozart100]: We've all witnessed the rise in popularity of trail running together in the past years. Many people are taking more time to explore nature, practice mindfulness and challenge their bodies in different ways. However, Trail running is still be a bit of a niche sport, so one of the challenges is to present not only Mozart 100 by UTMB and the UTMB World Series, but also trail running in general to the everyday runner. Creating more awareness is certainly a challenge that we are working on, but we see more interest coming and people are looking for new personal challenges.

[Advendure]: Give us 3 reasons why an athlete should choose mozart100 by UTMB®, compared to the dozens of races that take place during spring and summer in Europe.

[mozart100]: Salzburg is easily accessible by plane, train and car. From the airport, you reach Salzburg city center in 20 minutes, and from there it is another 20 minutes to reach the trails of the Salzburger Land. Secondly, of course the special charm of the city, athletes can experience a unique blend of wonderful landscape, impressive architecture, art and culture and a great mix of tradition and modernity - all in a very small space. And thirdly, one of the nicest feedbacks we get every year is that we manage to create a family atmosphere and great community, and we also heard about some lasting friendships which developed at Mozart 100 by UTMB.


[Advendure]: Even if the race is very popular in the Greek mountain running community, registrations from Greek athletes seems to be low, compared to several other European countries. Would you like to say something to reach more Greek athletes?

[mozart100]: Mozart 100 by UTMB is a good opportunity to participate in with friends and colleagues; with our 6 distances, everyone can find their suitable challenge. From Athens, it is quite easily accessible by plain, and once arrived in Salzburg, you will reach the city within 15 minutes and the Salzburger Land within another 20-30 minutes. The city of Salzburg provides a lot of beautiful sights within short distances, and strolling around the UNESCO-listed old town is a great way to spend a day where you can find lots of traditional and cozy shops which are family-owned for centuries. If you have a sweet tooth, Salzburg is a true paradise for you: traditional pastry shops, classical coffee houses and exquisite confectioneries can be found on almost every corner. And Salzburg is also Austria’s Beer Capital; Beer has been brewed in Salzburg for more than 600 years and you will find many taverns and beer gardens that invite you to enjoy. The perfect reward after the run and great travel destination to bring the whole family.


[Advendure]: Mozart100 by UTMB® is one of the most successful mountain running events in Europe. What is the vision of the team that runs the race regarding the future?

[mozart100]: We have seen the race growing each year, and are very curious and excited about where the future will take us. Our biggest goal of course is to keep the identity of the race, the family spirit, being close to our athletes and to provide the best possible event experience to our runners; on the same time we want to be open for new ideas, maybe adding longer distances to the event portfolio and attracting people from different experience and performance levels to race with us in Salzburg.


Photo copyright: Mozart100 by UTMB®, Jan Hetfleisch