Are you ready for one of the craziest races on the UTWT 2020 circuit?!

29 Οκτ 2020

See you from Thursday until the end of the weekend in the United States, in the McDowell Mountain Regional Park in Arizona!  On the program: 100 miles, 2408 D+ and costumes!  Javelina Jundred is the next and last race of the circuit. Gaoligong by UTMB®, which was scheduled to close the 2020 season in December, will not be held as well as Trans Jeju, Penyagolosa Trails HG, Patagonia Run and Ultra-Trail® Cape Town.  It will take place under special sanitary conditions. The race will be divided into several waves of starts. The first to leave will start on Thursday at 6 pm and 7 pm, then 6 am on Friday and 6 am and 7 am on Saturday morning. 



It is at 6am Saturday morning that the elites will set off. Among them will be Tim Tollefson, Sean Van Horn, Nick Coury, Croom Beatty, Nicholas Budzyn, Brian Peterson, Camille Herron, Nicole Bitter, Kalie Demerjian and Mandie Holmes.

This year, a few top American athletes are leading the way in the men's category with Tim, twice 3rd at the UTMB®, and Nick Coury.

Camille Herron will be racing against experienced local Nicole Bitter who has placed top ten multiple times at the Western States ® 100-Mile Endurance Run.

Records are held by Patrick Reagan - 13:01:14 - and Devon Yanko for the women - 14:52.

Will anyone break the record this year?!


The 18th edition of Javelina Jundred will be special this year because of the COVID 19 pandemic. In order to comply with local pandemic regulations, the organization has reduced the capacity and increased the duration of its event. Generally, Javelina Jundred attracts runners from all over the world, but due to travel restrictions, it will be mostly national participants this year. However, the race will still be crazy! Known all over the world, it is also a party where people come to have fun and run with friends/family. And this year it will take place during Halloween ?


It will be hot in the Sonoran desert but the route does not include a major ascent, ideal for a fast race. All runners have 30 hours to complete the race which consists of 5 loops of 32 km each.


Are you ready?!



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