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The most challenging trail competition in the Eastern Alps will host its sixth edition in 2021: Since the Grossglockner ULTRA-Trail® (GGUT) had to be cancelled in July 2020, the organizers are planning the event in the coming year with a (initially) limited field of participants. Even if the GGUT team is optimistic for the next summer, the development under Covid19 is not yet foreseeable. Therefore, in a first step 1,200 runners are permitted to the tour around Austria‘s highest mountain. Further contingents may follow, if the pandemic circumstances develop positively. GGUT 2021 takes place from July 30th to August 1st, 2021 with exciting route rene­wals. In all five races, the participants can look forward to a varied and new route. In addition, organizer have changed the schedule for Weissee Gletscherwelt Trail (GWT 35): The GGUT weekend starts with GWT 35 as first competition on Friday, July 30 at 08 a.m. For the most demanding route, the ULTRA-TRAIL with 110 k, starting time is on Friday at 10 p.m. And, for the first time, the race will be the other way round than in the years before. Registration for GGUT is open from December 14, 2020, 5 p.m. for a maximum of 1,200 participants.



Austria‘s most epic trail running event is planned to take place with a - as a first step - limited number of starters and a well designed Covid19 prevention concept for 2021. For the time being the maximum limit of runners for the 2021 is 1,200 and the extension of the event to three instead of two race days in order to en­sure enough room for all. Starters who have transferred their bibs to 2021 have a guaranteed starting place. Further bib contingents above 1,200 runners will be opened if the Covid19 condition will allow this.


Changed tracks - 2021 runs the other way round

At the sixth edition of the GGUT - as planned for 2020 - there will be variety in all competitions and the route will be changed and in some cases extended. With the exception of the Weissee Glacier World Trail, from this year on, all routes will lead in the opposite direction than the years before, i.e. counterclockwise. With this important change, the organizers around Hubert Resch are optimizing logistics and (weather) safety.

The supreme discipline of the competition is and will remain the Grossglockner ULTRA-TRAIL with 110 kilometers and 6,500 meters of altitude climb. The run is one of the most demanding, but also one of the most scenic ultra-trails in the Alps. The route runs around Austria‘s highest mountain, the Großglockner (3,798 m) in the Hohe Tauern National Park and follows the so-called „Glockner circuit“ through the regions Weissee-Uttendorf (Salzburg), Kals am Großglockner (East Tyrol) and Bruck-Fusch (Salzburg). The start and finish of the races are in the municipality of Kaprun in the Zell am See-Kaprun region in Salzburg. Due to the technically very demanding terrain and the altitude with an average of over 2000 m, strong mental and phy­sical resilience are required. The 110 kilometers can be completed alone or in a team competition with the finish or start in Kals am Großglockner. For the first time, the relay will be held as a pure team competition, i.e. the second group of the team starts together without waiting for runner 1.

In addition to the 110 route, the GGUT offers three other, shorter races, which this year will be longer and have more vertical meters to offer. A total of five challenging competitions will be held:

  • Großglockner ULTRA-TRAIL (GGUT 110): 110 kilometers, 6.500 m climb
  • Osttirol Trail (OTT 80): 84 kilometers, 5.000 m climb
  • Grossglockner Trail (GGT 55): 57 kilometers, 3.500 m climb
  • Weissee Gletscherwelt Trail (GWT 35): 35 kilometers, 1.500 m climb
  • GGUT 110|2: 110 kilometers, 6.500 m climb as a team of 2 runners; NEW in 2021: Independent start runner 2 in Kals am Großglockner at 05.45.



GWT 35 opens the race weekend on Friday – 30 hours live streaming at GGUT Live TV

The GWT 35 will kick off the GGUT weekend on Friday, July 30th at 8 a.m. The ultimate distance around the Großglockner, the GGUT 110, starts on Friday at 10 p.m. in Kaprun. The OTT 80 and GGT 50 will follow on Saturday. The Osttirol Trail (OTT 80) starts at 5 a.m.

If you can‘t join the race on spot in the region, you have the opportunity to follow the race in the live stream on GGUT Live TV - including regular race updates, the finish lines and top stories about the GGUT. Mountain endurance specialist DYNAFIT has been on board since the very beginning and is also supporting the event as the main partner this year.

Hubert Resch, founder and chairman of the organization team, is motivated to look forward to 2021 and the planned implementation of GGUT. “Next year everything will be different, but we are very well prepared and also flexible. With the limited number of starting places as the pandemic conditions allow it, the extension to three days and a sensible prevention concept, we are confident that the Grossglockner ULTRA-Trail® can take place in 2021“, explains Resch. “With our new live streaming concept, GGUT Live TV, viewers can look forward to 30 hours of live reporting. 5 camera teams are out and about on the routes to follow the trail adventure.“

Further information and press pics for Großglockner ULTRA-Trail® are provided under www.ultratrail.at



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