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THE trail running event in Austria heads into its sixth edition: Exciting improvements await participants from all over the world at the Grossglockner ULTRA-TRAIL (GGUT) July 30 - Aug. 1, 2021. After the 2020 run had to be cancelled due to COVID-19, organizers planned the 2021 GGUT to include comprehensive prevention and safety protocols and numerous changes. Competitors in all five distances can look forward to a new, diverse course that had already been planned for 2020. This year, the event will also be expanded from two days to three days. Participant numbers will be limited, and the races therefore also clearly separated. Mountain endurance specialist DYNAFIT has been a part since the inaugural run of the competition. The snow leopard brand will also support GGUT this round as a proud title sponsor and has already extended the partnership through 2024.



Thanks to the spectacular backdrop in the High Tauern National Park directly in view of the majestic Grossglockner, the challenging race courses and perfect organization has allowed the Grossglockner ULTRA-TRAIL to develop into THE trail running event in Austria, enjoying the same popularity among both recreational runners and pros. Up to 2,000 participants were able to take part in the GGUT in recent years. Since the progress of the corona pandemic can’t be foreseen, the 2021 edition will only allow 1,200 runners from 40 nations to circle Austria’s highest mountain. The limited starting positions were quickly snapped up, and additional allocations could still follow if the trend develops in the right direction.



For the sixth edition of the GGUT, great emphasis was put on course variety in all races, with courses changed and to a large degree lengthened. These improvements were already planned for 2020 and will now be implemented. With the exception of the Weissee Gletscherwelt (“Glacier World”) Trail, all courses as of this year will go in the opposite direction as in prior years, in other words counterclockwise. This key change allows organizers working with Hubert Resch to optimize logistics and safety (weather). It also makes the races more accessible and thus more attractive for spectators.

The pinnacle event of the competition remains the Grossglockner ULTRA-TRAIL at 110 kilometers and 6,500 meters of climbing. The run counts among the most demanding ultra runs in the Alps but is also one of the most beautiful. The courses circle Austria’s highest mountain, the Großglockner (3,798 m), in the High Tauern National Park. The so-called “Glocknerrunde” (Glockner Circuit) goes through the regions of Weisssee-Utendorf (Salzburg), Kals am Grossglockner (East Tyrol) and Grossglockner-Zellersee. The start and finish of this ultra is in the community of Kaprun, in the Zell am See-Kaprun region in the state of Salzburg. With its technical and in part quite demanding terrain and an average altitude of over 2,000 meters, very strong psychological and physical resilience is a must. The 110k race can be completed either individually or as a two-person team with the handoff in Kals am Grossglockner. In 2021, the relay will be run for the first time as a pure team competition, meaning the second group of relay runners start all at once without waiting for the first runner.


In addition to the 110k race, GGUT offers three additional shorter races which will also be longer compared to prior year and include more vert. A total of five challenging competitions are offered:

  • Grossglockner ULTRA-TRAIL (GGUT 110 | 2): 110 kilometers, 6,500 meters of climbing
  • Grossglockner ULTRA-TRAIL (GGUT 110 | 2): 110 Kilometer, 6,500 meters of climbing as a team competition (2-person teams); NEW: independent start of second runner at 5:45 a.m. in Grossglockner
  • East Tyrol Trail (OTT 80): 84 kilometers, 5,000 meters of climbing
  • Grossglockner Trail (GGT 55): 57 kilometers, 3,500 meters of climbing
  • Weissee Gletscherwelt Trail (GWT 35): 35 kilometers, 1,500 meters of climbing


Among the 1,200 participants who will be able to toe the starting line this year will be numerous familiar faces from the trail running community. DYNAFIT athletes Hannes Namberger (GER), Elli-Ann Dvergsdal (NOR), Pascal Egli (CH) and Jakob Herrmann (AUT) are preparing for their participation. In addition to other internationally ranked top runners, expected is also a huge international trail running star to be there: Pau Capell, among other things winner of the 2019 UTMB, will be at the start of the GGT 55.


Hubert Resch, founder and chair of the organizing team, is already excited about the improvements for 2021: “This year a bit will change. We have done a detailed evaluation of GGUT’s past years to finally implement changes in race organization this year. With the lengthening of the event from its former two days to three days, we are superbly equipped for 2021 in combination with our comprehensive safety and prevention measures. We are significantly building out our live streaming. That gives all trail running enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the adventure without being on-site. Many changes, but one thing stays the same: The backdrop of the Grossglockner ULTRA-TRAIL in the High Tauern National Park is nothing short of breathtakingly beautiful. The courses are challenging and at the same time very diverse. Our five different distance offer something for every level of experience.



DYNAFIT has backed the GGUT as a primary supporter since its first race and thus is underscoring its commitment to trail running. This partnership will be continued and strengthened in the coming years. Indeed, the agreement has already been extended through 2024. For friends of the run, mountain endurance specialist DYNAFIT offers a special collection – consisting of a vest, 2in1 shorts and caps for men and women. They are available in the GGUT online shop. All runners can also look forward to receiving a participant gift of an exclusive duffel bag with a GGUT design. Naturally, DYNAFIT and its team will be on-site and available to answer all questions related to trail running.


“As a brand, a clear positioning when it comes to the mountain segment is important to us. The GGUT is one of the most beautiful and at the same time diverse runs there is. Its challenging courses match DYNAFIT perfectly. We can hardly wait to finally stand at the starting line. And the community feels the same way, as was quite obviously shown when registration was opened,” noted Michael Költringer, DYNAFIT marketing manager for Austria and Germany.


Further information and media photos of the Grossglockner ULTRA-TRAIL are available at ultratrail.at.



DYNAFIT is the brand for athletes, from athletes, and one that is always at home in mountain endurance sports. The company develops its products based on a complete performance system, focused on endurance and determination. The highest performance and speed on the mountain are only attained with gear is as light, reliable and efficient as possible. Product from DYNAFIT are made to a large extent in Europe. The product palette focuses on the ski touring segment, but also offers a high-performance summer line – from trail running footwear to technical apparel. The company now has its headquarters in Aschheim near Munich, Germany, and soon will open a new headquarters in Kiefersfelden, at the northern access to the Alps (planned for 2023). DYNAFIT is part of the heritage South Tyrolean Oberalp Group, which was founded in 1981 by Heiner Oberrauch. Oberalp still today remains a family-owned and -operated business with more than 700 employees.

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