ADVENDURE - Chiianti Ultra Trail 2021: Luca Manfredi Negri and Giulia Vinco are the winners!

Chiianti Ultra Trail 2021: Luca Manfredi Negri and Giulia Vinco are the winners!

Από 20 Μάι 2021


After the postponement due to Covid, the Chianti Ultra Trail closes the third edition with success: 1.000 athletes at the start and a great desire to get back to running. Luca Manfredi Negri wins the long distance with a record time, first Italian to climb the top step of the podium. Among the women the champion Giulia Vinco is reconfirmed.



Radda in Chianti, 17 May 2021:   The third edition of the Chianti Ultra Trail closed on Saturday with an unexpected success, after the postponement due to Covid which saw the race move from 20 March to 15 May. But there were still 1.000 athletes ready to start yesterday morning, registrations sold out already two month after closing, and many participants arrived from all over Europe to run on the famous white roads of Chianti Storico, among the vineyards and medieval villages of this corner of Tuscany famous in the world. Giulia Vinco and Luca Manfredi Negri bring the tricolor to the top step of the podium of the 73 km, the long distance. For the Veronese ultrarunner it is a reconfirmation for women while for the first time an Italian wins the victory with a record time of 6 hours, 21 minutes and 30 seconds.



It is dawn in Radda in Chianti when the ultrarunners line up for the contingent start of the longest race. After the rain on Friday, the sun shines on the Chianti but the temperatures remain prohibitive until halfway through the race. The winners of the 73km take the lead straight away and won't let go until the finish line. Just an hour later, the middle distance participants also leave, followed by the other 20 km and 15 km races.

Up front, the pace is very high, with the first in each category setting very fast times already at the first refreshment point at Villa Vistarenni. A few climbs and a bit of mud due to the heavy rains of the night slow down and tire all the athletes a bit but at the finish line Luca Manfredi Negri sets the new race record with 6h 20 '30'. Behind him Fabio Di Giacomo and the French Samir Tazi.



Also excellent was the time of Giulia Vinco, ahead of her among the women, already winner in the last edition of 2019. On the podium with her Roberta Sala, who gains second place, and Maura Tasin.

In the women's 42 km the Spanish elite athlete Angels LLobera wins, recording an excellent time (4h 01 '27' '), ahead of Giulia Petreni and Gessica Malatesta, while among the men at the finish line there are 6 minutes that separate Patrizio Curti, first on arrival, and Matteo Rigamonti. In third place Domenico Giovanni Nocera.



There is a battle in the men's 20 km Chianti Short Trail with the first place and record time of Luca Rosi who closes in 1h 06 and 40, in front of the unfortunate Tuscan athlete Aldo Riccieri, penalized by an error in the course. On the lowest step of the podium Giacomo Dei.

Among the women, Martina Brustolon won ahead of Sara Emily Bulukin and Jacopa Fragapane.

To close are Michele Meridio and the young Giulia Zaltron to win the Chianti Trail, the shortest distance of 15 km.

But it was above all a great party for the 1000 participating athletes, for the many companions and for the public who waited for the passage in the refreshment points along the route. And there is great satisfaction from the organizers who, after moving the race, scheduled for March, did not give up but used the time available to create a perfect race in every aspect, in one of the most beautiful endurance competitions in Italy.



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