Spartathlon 2015 Live Coverage!

Από 24 Σεπ 2015

SPARTATHLON is one of the most difficult as well as the most historical ultra-distance running races in the world. It takes place in September of every year in Greece and follows the route of Pheidippides, an ancient Athenian long distance runner, who in 490 BC, before the battle of Marathon, was sent from Athens to Sparta to seek help in the war between the Greeks and the Persians. The runners must finish this gruelling race of 246 kilometers in no more than 36 hours. This year, 380 athletes, from 48 countries will participate in this unique event. The race starts on Friday 25th of September at 7:00 am under the Parthenon monument. Follow the race through our coverage from this page via the CoveritLive liveblogging platform or follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

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