52 international athletes in MIUT 2019

07 Νοε 2018

The subscriptions for MIUT 2019 exceeded all expectations, with 2600 subscriptions and athletes from 52 countries, having sold out for every trial in only 17 hours’ time. The subscriptions for MIUT 2019 exceeded all expectations from the organization, as well as every records from previous years. For example, the subscriptions for the MARATHON sold out in only two hours’ time. “It is with much satisfaction that this year we had a great accession from athletes who subscribed very quickly. We were able to improve by promoting and innovating the subscription platform which facilitated all the process”, said an organization's source.


According to the official data, for the 2019 edition of MIUT, we have 2600 subscribed athletes, being 1359 foreigners and 1241 Portuguese athletes. France continues to be the country with more athletes, with 637, followed by Spain with 133 athletes, Poland with 129 athletes and Germany with 54 subscriptions. These are the countries which are more represented in MIUT.  Curiously, the youngest competitor has 18 years old and the oldest has 75 years old. 650 athletes are women and 1950 are male. Regarding the waiting list available by the organization that prevents withdrawals, there is 450 athletes waiting to subscribe.

“We are proud to reach out to 52 countries, spreading Madeira Island’s name and creating unique conditions of promotion, since the athletes share a variety of pictures on social media highlighting Madeira’s sights.”

However, it is still possible to subscribe to MIUT 2019 but only through campaigns like “Peitorais Solidário, Travel e Saúde”, you can consult all the information in the official site of MIUT (https://www.miutmadeira.com/pt/inscricao-miut/solidaria-saude-e-travel).


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