Everest Trail Race

Lukla (13-11-18) Jordi Gamito of The Elements has become the first athlete capable of defeating the race with Nepali runners participating. Purnimaya Rai has won in the women's category.
Tengboche (12-11-18). Fifth consecutive victory of the Everest Trail Race for Jordi Gamito, who is about to get the final victory if tomorrow nothing unexpected happens in the last day…
Phakding (11-11-18). Fourth victory for the Catalan runner, widening the gap in the general ranking. Jordi Gamito of The Elements team, when only two days are left fot the end…
Kharikhola (10-11-18) The runner from The Elements Jordi Gamito has reached his third consecutive day as a leader after winning the third victory. Change of leadership within the female category,…
Jase Bhajyang. Second consecutive victory by the catalan runner of The Elements that strengths his leadership in the king stage of the race. In the women's category Manu Vilaseca keeps…
Bhandar (8-11-18). The Catalan rider Jordi Gamito and the Brazilian Manu Vilaseca both from The Elements team have achieved the first stage victory in the Everest Trail Race. They were…
The 8t Edition of the Everest Trail Race by the Elements will start on Thursday in Jiri (Himalaya Nepalese). Along 6 stages the athletes will run 160km and physically and…



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