Από 20 Μαρ 2020

Due to the global effects of the Coronavirus COVID-19, the Skyrunner® World Series has made the decision that no race of the 2020 circuit will be held before the end of July. As it stands today, the upcoming season will start with Skyrace® Comapedrosa on the 26th of July 2020. These necessary precautions have been taken in accordance with guidelines from the authorities and to protect the health and safety of all those involved. The Skyrunner® World Series team is dedicated to providing support to athletes and race organisers affected by the current situation and preparations are already underway for a full 2021 comeback.



For races held before the end of July 2020, the following changes have been made:

Mt Awa Skyrace® – official information will be communicated soon
Yading Skyrun® – TBD
Transvulcania – official information will be communicated in April
Skyrace® des Matheysins – postponed to October 18th
Madeira Skyrace® – no race in 2020
Livigno Skymarathon® – official information will be communicated in April
Hochkönig Skyrace® – postponed to September 5th
Minotaur Skyrace® – no race in 2020 (2021 date, 26th June)


At this stage, all dates of races scheduled after the end of July remain the same. With everchanging circumstances, the Skyrunner® World Series will continue to monitor the situation and regular reviewing will take place to determine the best way to continue thereafter.

In such times of uncertainty, it is understandable that many will have questions regarding the 2020 season. The Skyrunner® World Series will do all in its power to answer these questions and keep the global community informed of next steps in the coming weeks and months.

All questions regarding the adapted rules and regulations of the 2020 season will be addressed in a public release prior to the start of the season. Until then, the series will continue to use social media as a form of communication and distraction from the present situation.

The Skyrunner® World Series team would like to take this opportunity to offer its full support to athletes, race organisers and fans at this difficult time and thank the global community for their commitment and patience. With these precautions in place and the support of the community and athletes around the world, we are confident to return stronger than ever in 2021.

To all fans, athletes, organisers and partners, stay safe and healthy.



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