We are glad to announce that the 3rd edition of the Volvic Volcanic Experience, flagship event of our official partner Volvic, will take place on May 30th, 31st and June 1st in Volvic. Three days of enriching experiences around trail running, culture but also territory discovery!

We are moving fast on the circuit! The ninth race of the 2019 UTWT circuit is starting in only one week now and will take place in Australia... We'll be back at Blue Mountains National Park for the Ultra-Trail Australia, race with the Pro status on the 2019 Ultra-Trail® World Tour calendar! Who will be the next champions?! Last year's winners are the Australians Brendan DAVIES and Kellie EMMERSON.

Let’s go back to the 7th edition of UTMF which was held last week-end! The presentation of the elites, the trail and the weather forecast happen Thursday at 5pm while we could still see Mount Fuji. But it wasn’t the case very long. In the men's race, Xavier Thevenard was back 3 years after his participation to a smaller edition of the UTMF which was reduced and then canceled due to a bad weather. He came for revenge!

We told you ! This month of April is full for the Ultra-Trail® World Tour! A new program awaits you this week-end! For this occasion, we are going to Europe and in Asia for Madeira Island Ultra-Trail® and Ultra-Trail® Mt. Fuji!

This week-end was important for the Ultra-Trail® World Tour 2019! Indeed, three races of the 2019 UTWT circuit were taking place in two different continents: in America and in Europe! We've attended two races with the "Pro" status and the first 100 miles of the season! Let's go back to the 100 miles of Istria, Patagonia Run and Penyagolosa Trails! 

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