Sold out on Pyrenees and Costa Brava Stage Run with runners coming from all over the world!

08 Φεβ 2019

Stage races are a unique opportunity to make a holiday doing an activity that you like, in this case, trail-running. In addition, it is even more interesting if the races are linear, when the route allows you to travel the territory between two separate points and capture the landscape, vegetation and even social changes between them. Finally, in this case, the organization takes care of all the logistical aspects that the runners may need: marking, food-stations, luggage transport, accommodation, dinner... All these facts have caught the attention of international runners, who included these two stage-races to their calendars, with the appeal to visit two spectacular places such as the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava.



The 2nd edition of the Costa Brava Stage Run, will be held from May 3 to 5 with two modalities, one of 85km and another of 125km in 3 stages, following the Catalan coast from South to North. The registrations have just been closed with a total of 170 runners, twice as many as in the first edition, of which 73 will participate in the 125km, and 97 in the “Experience”, 85km. 48% of the participants are international, mostly European, being Ireland, Switzerland, France and Germany the most represented countries, but also with people coming from Canada, Russia or the United States.



On the other hand, from the 1st to the 7th of September 2019 the Pyrenees will host the 4th edition of the Pyrenees Stage Run with a route of 240km and 15000m uphill in 7 stages and participation in teams of two or three runners. In this case, the international factor is even bigger, with 86% of the 110 runners coming from various countries across the planet: Germany, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Slovakia, United States, France, Italy, Holland, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Sweden and Switzerland.



After a few years of presentation, the opinions of the former participants in both races value a fantastic organization of the events, together with an unbeatable atmosphere among runners and organization, this fact made the organization to reach the limit of participants for this 2019 and continue showing these wonderful places to runners around the world.

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Photo copyright: Guillem Casanova 

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