Jiaju Zhao finally succeeded in defending his own title at DOI Inthanon Thailand by UTMB 2022!

By 12 Δεκ 2022

DOI INTHANON THAILAND BY UTMB® is well received and attracts even more runners after COVID from being the first ever Asia Pacific's Major UTMB® World Series and becomes a fierce baffle-field from the start until the end..

This weekend more than 5,400 runners from 64 countries across the world rallied to Doi Inthanon, the roof of Thailand, for the coveted Doi Inthanon Thailand By UTMB champion titles and enjoyed shopping a wide range of running gear categories at Ultra Trail Village.

World-class elite field include past edition champion, Jiaju Zhao and Fuzhao Xiang from China as well as Canhua Luo (CHN), Rod Farvard (USA), Jordi Gamito (ESP), Francesco Cucco (ITA), Jenny Quilty (CAN), Oana Mihalcea (ROU), Scoty Hawker (NZL) and Sunmaya Budha (NPL) met with their fans at the village all day long.

Top male runners are thrilled to set their toes at the Summit 160 (100M) start line highlighted by Jiaju ZhaoGediminus GriniusFrancesco CuccoCanhua LuoHo Chung WongTakashi Doi and Sange Sherpa. Similarly, Fuzhao Xiang the last year female winner is determined to defend her title whereas Jenny QuiltyKimino MiyazakiKaori NiwaWenfei Xie are eager to offend. 

Not just the top 10 runners in 100M, 100K and 50K race will automatically qualify for the UTMB world series final in Chamonix, France which is already added appeal to Doi Inthanon Thailand by UTMB but also the 100M champion will be able to automatically enter the Western State Endurance Run 2023. This is even more attractive and transforming the course to be a fascinating battle-field. 

Lithuanian coach Gediminus Grinius set off a furious pace until A10 then former-champion Jiaju Zhao became the first leader until the finish line. He eventually defended his title and even more set the new record for the race in 21 hours, 53 minutes and 49 seconds, which broke his own record. Only 20 minutes behind, a talented Chinese runner, Canhua Luo ranked the second place at 22:11:49 Hrs and followed by Gediminus Grinius who was injured at his calf taking him down to the third place and cross the finish line in 22:47:22 Hrs

Likewise, the female battle is very extraordinary, as well. Xiang Fuzhao withdrawn at the 50K-point because of some health issues. Canadian athlete, Jenny Quilty, finally won the female race clocking 27:24:14 Hrs. while Wenfei Xie from China ranked the second place in 28:22:13 Hrs. High-calibre Kaori Niwa from Japan hold the third place which was her own title last year in 29:35:20 Hrs

Cliff 100 (100K) was won in 11:52:30 leading by top tier athlete from Salomon China, Huohua Zhang, who set the new course record which broke the old record by nearly 2:30 hr. Richard Lockwood was the following in 12:07:10 Hrs. 20 minutes later, Peiquan You from China crossed the finish line in 12:29:02 ranked the thirdTop female runner was Yuri Yoshizumi from Japan who finished in 13:45:24 followed by Hannah Osowski from USA and Jingyan Tang from China in 13:56:25 and 15:16:47 respectively. 

The large Ultra Trail Villages features more than 40 world-class leading brands in over 1,500 SQ.M. The fast-growing running brands, Hoka, who is the top tier premier partner of UTMB World series as well as Doi Inthanon Thailand By UTMB gaining high branding exposure by setting its store at the prominent location. 

Doi Inthanon Thailand by UTMB® is one of two UTMB® World Series events in Thailand. The Sports Authority of Thailand has licensed from UTMB® InternationalAmazean Jungle Thailand by UTMB®, is the second. The first edition of Amazean Jungle Thailand by UTMB® will be held during February 16-19, 2023 in Betong, Yala Province, the southernmost district of Thailand along Thai-Malaysian border. The 100-mile and 50-kilometer will be cross-border route to Malaysia.

More information at inthanon.utmb.world 

Text Credits: Doi Inthanon Thailand
Photo Credits: Doi Inthanon Thailand
Video Credits: Doi Inthanon Thailand