Everything you would like to know about NNormal, through an exclusive interview with Advendure!

A shared vision of the greatest mountain running athlete of our times, Kilian Jornet, and the well-known Spanish footwear company Camper, led to the creation of NNormal, with the first products of the company coming to market in the autumn of 2022, shaking up the trail running industry. The new company's durability, repairability and overall eco-friendly and user-friendly philosophy is the foundation upon which it was created and continues to build upon. In the exclusive interview with Advendure the people of NNormal unfold all aspects of this ambitious project, which is still in its first steps!


[Advendure]: In Autumn 2022, the first NNormal products were released, causing a shake-up in the mountain running and hiking world, as the new brand is a partnership between a leading shoe company, Camper, and the leading trail running athlete of at least a decade, Kilian Jornet. How did Camper decide to enter the trail running industry, how did the partnership with Kilian came about and what is the common ground that catalyzed the birth of NNormal?

[NNormal]:NNormal is the result of a partnership between Kilian Jornet and Camper, a family-owned footwear company based in Mallorca. The most important thing of this partnership was the shared values and the vision of both parties. Having the opportunity to conceive a project like this was something very unique for both parties. NNormal was born as a combination of performance, innovation, expertise and responsibility.


[Advendure]: Really how did the name NNormal come up?

[NNormal]: All the NNormal outdoor equipment was designed in Mallorca and tested in Norway, where Kilian is currently living, and that’s why the name of the brand (Nor-way + Mal-lorca).

[Advendure]: Reading the principles on which the new brand was "born", we see the concepts: Authenticity, utility, durability (a dominant feature of Camper in general) and environmental protection. Tell us a bit about how this fourfold principle is applied in the design and production of your products.

[NNormal]: The shared values were definitely a strong motivation to start this project. At NNormal, we have the purpose of inspiring people to enjoy and respect nature, and we think that the best way to do it is by providing them with authentic, useful and durable products. One of our biggest commitments is working on avoiding overconsumption by building products that are very durable. Our DNA is to work on functionality (our products are made to be used in multiple activities, to be worn), durability (to ensure that with this functionality they can last the maximum) and repairability, to prolong the life of each product. Our end goal is to work towards real circular products, leaving no trace in our path.


[Advendure]: For now we see two models in mountain running shoes, certainly with unusual names! Kjerag and Tomir. Who is the target audience for each, how did the model names come about and what are their key features?

[NNormal]: Located on the west coast of Norway, Kjerag is a 1,100-meter mountain that rewards those who reach the top with truly spectacular views. To reach that peak you can conquer challenging trail running routes, or choose moderate hiking paths.

It’s this made-for-everyone versatility that inspired us to name our first-ever shoe Kjerag [pronounced: sche-rak], and it can be considered our max performance shoe: every runner at every level gets lightweight reactivity, high-speed comfort, extreme grip and stability. From training for your 1st VK to making the podium on your 50th 100-mile.

Tomir is a 1,103m (3,619ft) mountain in the north-east of Serra de Tramuntana, on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Tomir is an extremely comfortable and durable shoe– because the less we have to replace our gear, the better for the planet. From the durable, snag resistant upper to the VIBRAM® Litebase outsole, this is a shoe made to last.

The Tomir family includes three different shoe models, with different colors in each model. First, there’s the standard-cut trail running and outdoor activity shoe, made for just about everything. Then there’s the same cut of shoe but waterproof, made with a highly breathable Sympatex® membrane that’s as planet-friendly as it is high-performing. Finally, there’s the higher ankle-cut boot version, made for extra support while hiking, that’s also waterproof. Together, these three models live up to Tomir’s promise: whatever takes you outside, whatever keeps you moving – there’s a shoe within this family for you.


[Advendure]: Although the initial buzz about NNormal was about shoes, we see a range of products (clothing and accessories) with some clever features, such as the shorts with built-in loops in the back for putting poles. Give us an insight into the range of products you have brought to market and the philosophy behind their design.

[NNormal]: Apart from the iconic Kjerag and Tomir, NNormal has also launched apparel and accessories to the market, from trail running clothes to a hydration vest or caps. All these products have been designed with the aim of producing timeless collections with carryover products in order to avoid overconsumption, because this is our statement.


[Advendure]: While many long-term companies are "racing" to incorporate environmentally friendly production processes and manufacturing materials, NNormal was essentially created from these principles, which is also evident in your "No - Trace - Program". How did you adopt this philosophy from the beginning? How risky was it?

[NNormal]: Our approach to brand commitment has been the same one since the beginning. The durability of the products: developing quality products that last is how we contribute to minimize the impact to the planet; and repairability of the product: we want to offer solutions to repair the product, in order to have the maximum lifetime possible. We know it would be something challenging, but we will keep working on implementing new ideas and improvements in order to be loyal to our philosophy.


[Advendure]: Kilian was the original ambassador of NNormal, but already we see the team growing, with important names of trail running and hiking, who don't just stay on the sports side, but also in promoting the philosophy (e.g. about nature) you have adopted. Tell us a bit about the team, how the selection is made and what the roles of each member are.

[NNormal]: NNormal ambassadors are NNormal people who do NNormal things and feel close to our mission, which is to enjoy and respect nature. We feel that we have a great team and combination and we are very proud of it. We want to grow as a brand with them. So they are one of our main focuses and we also will support all their missions. Our ambassadors are in the team because we feel that they represent the values of the brand, especially when it comes to authenticity, commitment and usefulness.


[Advendure]: Approaching the one year mark of the company's products being on the market, are there any new models that may be in the design process? If there are, what target athlete types are they addressing?

[NNormal]: As soon as more details are available in terms of new products, we will inform the community.


[Advendure]: Are you satisfied so far with the acceptance of your products?

[NNormal]: The feedback that we are getting from those who use NNormal is very good and we believe that it is aligned with the purpose for which both Kjerag and Tomir were created. Durability and versatility are themost valued characteristics by those who use NNormal shoes. Some customers have proudly told us how many kilometers they have run with the same pair of Kjerag without losing functionality; and a member of our community on Telegram told us that he had already reached 1,500 km with his Tomir. Seeing that our shoes resist kilometers and kilometers is undoubtedly the most satisfying, since this is the main purpose for which they were designed.


[Advendure]: In Greece, mountain running has been booming for a decade now, as have outdoor sports in general. A question we often hear as Advendure and we would like you to answer is where someone can find your products.

[NNormal]: At the moment, our products can be found in three physical stores in Greece. In Elassona: Peak Store; In Ioannina: Tzoumakas Vasilis; and in Thessaloniki: Vavritsas Georgios. Find here our store locator to see the stores in the map. Besides, our products can be bought online at www.nnormal.com.


[Advendure]: What is your vision for the future of NNormal?

[NNormal]: When we look at the future we feel delighted to continue this amazing journey together with the team and with the NNormal ambassadors. We always feel that there are a lot of adventures to live together with our community and we will keep working to develop the right products and make that the life of outdoor gear lasts longer. We want to find solutions to make this world a better place, and try to encourage people to enjoy and respect nature.


Dimitrios Troupis

Photo copyright: NNormal, Marvin Leuvrey

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