13 Μάι 2018


From July 27-29, 2018, the region all around Austria’s highest peak will again be completely focused on trail running. For the fourth year, DYNAFIT will be the lead sponsor of the Grossglockner Ultra Trail®. In just a short time, this race has secured a solid spot on the race schedule of both pros and recreational athletes and enjoys continued growth in popularity. Mountain endurance brand DYNAFIT has been a part since the start and already last fall renewed its partnership through 2020. For the 4th edition of the GGUT, numerous trail celebrities will toe the starting line, and the organizer has established another race of more than 75 kilometers. With that addition, five different races will be offered to athletes -- all taking place with the beautiful backdrop of the eastern Alps and in view of the majestic Grossglockner peak.



The pinnacle event of the competition is the Grossglockner Ultra Trail® at 110 kilometers and 6,500 meters of vert. The run counts among the most demanding ultra trail runs in the Alps but is also among those with the most beautiful scenery. The course largely follows what is known as the “Glockner Circuit” -- the circle route around Austria’s highest mountain, the Grossglockner (3,798 meters / 12,461 ft). The start and finish of this ultra is in Kaprun, in the Pinzgau region in the state of Salzburg. The course, in the High Tauern National Park, takes runners over technically difficult terrain and demands both strong physical and mental toughness. The 110K race can be completed either individually or as a two-person team with the handoff in Kals. The GGUT also offers three additional course for both pros and ambitious recreational runners to satisfy the needs of those seeking shorter distances: With the addition of the Grossglockner Trail GGT 75, trail runners this year can look to a new event over 75 kilometers with 4,000 meters of vert. The Kalser Tauern Trail offers 50 kilometers and 2,000 meters of vertical. Last but not least, the Weissee Gletscherwelt (Weissee Glacier World) Trail with 30 kilometers and 1,000 meters of vert is ideal as an entry-level event to the GGUT adventure¨


For this fourth edition of the race with its five events, organizers are expecting a total of approximately 1,800 participants from 40 countries. All can expect an attractive gift from lead sponsor DYNAFIT. The starting gun goes off for the GGUT on Friday, July 27 at 10 p.m. in Kaprun. The three shorter events are scheduled for Saturday. The GGT 75 will kick off at 5 a.m.


After this trail competition in 2017 saw seven course records and new personal bests in all races, organizers, spectators and participants will be watching this year’s competition all the more intently. The current record for the GGUT 110 is 15 hours, 3 minutes, set by Gerald Fister and Klaus Gösweiner who crossed the line last year simultaneously. Among women, Juliette Blanchet holds the current record (17 hours, 27 minutes). Blanchet and DYNAFIT athlete Gösweiner will again be a part this year, just as will other international trail running greats such as Andrea Huser and Gediminas Grinius. In addition, lead sponsor DYNAFIT will be sending other athletes, trail legends and employees to the starting line, including well-known names like Johanna Erhart (last year’s Weissee Glaciar World winner), Markus Stock (last year’s 50K winner), Michael Geisler, Peter Kienzl and two new members of the athlete team, Hannes Namberger and Maria Koller.


Hubert Resch, founder and chairman of the organizational team, is eagerly awaiting the start of this fourth edition of the Grossglockner Ultra Trail®. “The Grossglockner Ultra Trail® offers everything that makes a runner’s heart beat faster. The backdrop is just breathtakingly beautiful, and the course is as completely diverse as it is technically challenging from start to finish. With the new 75K distance, we have now covered the complete spectrum of trail running and can satisfy varying needs and demands of different athletes. We are of course really eager to see if the magic time barrier of 15 hours can be beaten."


Lead sponsor DYNAFIT is also looking forward to the fourth edition of the Grossglockner Ultra Trail® and the continuation of the partnership through 2020. The brand for mountain endurance athletes identifies 100% with this competition in high-alpine terrain, which certainly puts high demands on the gear of participants. DYNAFIT’s summer collection has all of the appropriate gear for the various needs of all four different distances -- from shoes for every facet of Alpine Running, to lightweight running packs, to athletic and still stylish apparel.


Registration and more details plus press photos are available at www.ultratrail.at.


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