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Dynafit Press Camp 2016 Report

The well known ski touring brand DYNAFIT began its marketing campaign from Greece this year! The international event of the German based company was hold between 6-8/1 at the traditional rural village of Samarina in northern Greece. A dozen and more journalists, accompanied with the ski touring guru Lou Dawson of Wild Snow.com, travelled up to this historical Vlach community to see Dynafit’s ski gear innovations for the following season, notably the new emphatic boots TLT7 and the futuristic Carbonio Package Line.

Apart from the necessary presentations and speeches the program had also some action in the field with hikes near the village, where quests took a good taste of the “ala greca” menu of changeable weather conditions. The ascent on Mt.Smolikas country’s second highest peak and the ski in the trees with clear weather the last day, are of the highlights of the 2016 Dynafit press camp. Foreigners were happily surprised by the ski potential of our almost unexplored land. And as a newcomer I was really impressed by the passion Dynafit’s team expressed and their willingness for creativity. You can just read the PR about the products to get the idea. All the credits to local organizers Dynafit.gr and WayOut Adventures for this amazing experience.



TLT 7 ski touring boot

Reduced to the bare necessities: That’s what the footwear developers at DYNAFIT are saying about the introduction of the new TLT7 ski touring boot. The new TLT7 Performance weighs a mere 1,010 grams. Plus, it “moves” more efficiently with its new toe design called the “Speed Nose” and a setback pivot point. Not only that, the boot allows users to adjust, open and close it with a single buckle – thus saving time and handling.



The TLT7 ski touring boot, available for the 2016-17 winter season, is the future of serious ski mountaineering. Weighing barely over a kilo, this boot is one of the lightest in its category. Aside from its weight, developers emphasized more efficient handling. The reengineered toes of the boot give it exemplary agility and maneuverability. The short lip sans projection enables the pivot point to be set back to the pin binding attachment point: That significantly improves the ability to move comfortably on the ascent. These characteristics give the TLT7 a unique position in the ski touring boot market.


Open. Close, Walk, Ski: The Ultra Lock 3.0 Closure System combines all needed adjustments into one buckle. The system allows users with one lever to open and close the boot, as well as change between walk and ski modes. That saves serious ski mountaineers weight, handling, time and parts that can wear out. Lastly, the boot is impressive looking with its simplicity. A trimmed back design doesn’t, however, just mean a sleek appearance. It also cuts back on exposed closures and components to avoid snagging, catching or undesired adjustments while moving. At the same time, fewer frills mean lower weight and less frictional resistance.



When it comes to downhill performance, the use of a so-called Lambda Frame results in a more rugged shell and higher shaft strength. Fiberglass is used to reinforce areas put under more stress, while areas that need less have fewer reinforcements and therefore offer more flexibility.

The boot will come with the new DYNAFIT Masterstep Insert that enables easier entry. The new insert allows maximum loads that can occur with Freeride bindings when they are set to a maximum DIN release value of Z16.


Dynafit carbonio ski touring line 

With the Carbonio ski touring line, ski touring brand DYNAFIT is trying to break new ground. The development approach: to demonstrate the potential in the ski touring segment using premium materials, technical processes and unusual concepts. The line will outfit ski touring athletes from head to toe and will be available as of September 2016 at select specialty retailers.


Premium insulated jacket One slick lightweight piece: a 260-gram-light insulated jacket that promises superior warmth with its extraordinary material mix. Carbon particles added to the synthetic fiberfill combined with a Pertex Quantum® outer shell and a three-quarter zip make for a truly special style.



 Carbonio 88 ski The new model weighs over a kilo at a length of 167mm and offers the highest downhill performance. With a waist of 88mm is made just for backcountry ski touring for athletic skiers: Its carbon construction lends high rigidity and responsiveness.  The dimensions and reduced weight guarantee efficiency on the ascent and outstanding downhill performance. Micro sidewall construction the full length of the ski ensures efficient and direct power transmission to the edges. The use of a reinforcing carbon layer across the entire width of the ski increases rigidity and decreases chatter. This gives the ski stability and crucially precise edging on steep terrain and in icy conditions. Proven 3D carbon construction works overtime to absorb energy from impacts and thus optimizes ski handling. 

With its Dual Radius Construction – a combination of a large front radius and a small rear radius – the ski has a neutral turn initiation and exit, also saving energy on wide, sweeping turns. In addition, the model has a light rocker construction at the shovel and tail, especially designed to reduce the self-steering effect on difficult terrain and increase the fun and ease in carving turns. A ski for experts and athletes available in four lengths  (158/167/176/184).


TLT7 Carbomio ski touring boot This special edition of the TLT7 weighs 990 grams is black and it has all the features of TLT7 described above.



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Γιώργος Βουτυρόπουλος

Γεννήθηκε το 1969 και σκαρφαλώνει στα βουνά από τα 16 του. Έχει καταφέρει σημαντικές αναρριχήσεις σε διαδρομές βράχου,  πάγου και μικτού πεδίου στα βουνά της Ελλάδας, στις Άλπεις, Δολομίτες, Γερμανία, Βρετανία, Νορβηγία. Επίσης, έχει συμμετάσχει σε ορειβατικές αποστολές σε βουνά μεγάλου υψομέτρου, στο Περού-Άνδεις,  Αφρική-Κένυα, στο Νεπάλ, Θιβέτ, Πακιστάν, Ινδία, Κιργιστάν.  Είναι ομοσπονδιακός εκπαιδευτής ορειβασίας και οδηγός βουνού από το 1993,  συν-συγγραφέας των εγχειριδίων ορειβασίας, η Τέχνη του Βουνού (2010, 2011) και Ορεινή Πεζοπορία (2012). 

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