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Munich (D), 22 April 2022 – Registration for the WOMEN'S GEAR AWARD #she is outdoors – the first European award for outdoor sports products for women – is now open. This year, the award takes another step towards sustainability: starting this edition, the submitted products must be PFAs free. This criterion also applies to laminated products, which must be PTFE-free.

#she is outdoors has always stood out for its ecological orientation: since the first edition of the award in the summer of 2021, there has been a prize for the most sustainable product, in addition to the Overall and Category Winners, which will also be awarded this year.

However, the decision by the Netherlands and Germany, with the support of Norway, Denmark and Sweden, to submit a restriction proposal to cover a wide range of PFAs uses has prompted the award's expert jury to make the event even more sustainable. In the light of the scientific consensus on the environmental and health risks associated with this type of chemical, the WOMEN'S GEAR AWARD jury members decided to exclude products containing PFAs from the list of participants.

Products can still be submitted until May 6 in SEVEN categoriesOutdoor Professionals and Expedition, Camping, Hardware, Footwear, Apparel, Bike and Urban Outdoor. The entry fee for one product is 700 euros; discounts are available for multiple entries. The awards ceremony will take place in July 2022 at a live-streamed hybrid event.




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