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New 100 mile endurance race around the Monte Rosa Massif won in 30 hours by Stone Tsang from Hong Kong!

Grächen, Switzerland. September 10, 2017 . Endurance athlete Stone Tsang from Hong Kong won the inaugural Ultra Tour Monte Rosa, a 170 km mountain trail race on the border between Switzerland and Italy, which finished on the 9th of September.


It’s the first time a foot race has happened on the ‘Tour Monte Rosa’ long distance trail. Tsang took 30 hours 14 minutes and one second to complete the trail which has over 11 km of vertical climb. “It's not a normal ultra race. It's a tough race, very difficult,” said Tsang as he arrived in bright sunshine at the finish. “If you finish this race, you're very tough. The very long climbs up and down are so big, also the altitude, and also it's so technical. You need to focus the whole way, and your feet are suffering. So those things make this race so tough.”

“As far as I know he’s the second person to do the full trail without stopping,” said Lizzy Hawker. Hawker tested the route as a continuous run herself in 2016 with a solo Fastest Known Time attempt taking 36 hours.




“I’ve thought about this route as a race for years and I had a feeling of disbelief that it actually has happened as Stone crossed the line,” said Hawker. I am so happy that it was him that was first. He does great things for this sport in Asia.”

The fastest woman was Julia Boettger from Germany in 35:05:38 who finished 8th overall. The course crosses six passes around 3,000m altitude with a highest point of 3,295m which adds to challenge of the distance. An isolated storm stopped some competitors for nearly an hour in the night as 2cm snow fell in the night on the Salati Pass. Of the 101 starters, 61 finished.

Credit_Lloyd_BelcherCredit_Lloyd_BelcherThe course has notable sections, including the newly built longest suspension bridge in the world (494m) on the Europaweg, the crossing of the Teodulo glacier to the border with Italy, the steep stone paved Roman Road that reaches the 2900m Turlo pass, and views to numerous 4000m peaks.

Only runners with prior experience of similar races were allowed to compete and each entry was personally vetted by the race director. The race is also in a 4-stage format for less superhuman runners. “It’s a very beautiful race course. I think the stage race is fun,” said Tsang adding, “If people can finish this race, they are really a champion!”

Around 200 volunteers and staff gave their service to make the event happen.

The second edition is scheduled for 5-8th September 2018

Contact: Lizzy Hawker
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Media images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t1sm1u43tv35pc3/AACpn8NzLOEq_DTC7oDodNWta?dl=0

The Ultra Tour Monte Rosa is supported by On and Smartwool.

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