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Travelling to Tuscany for the Chianti Ultra Trail!

On Saturday, March 24th, the Chianti area in charming Tuscany, Italy, will host its very first ultra-trail event, the Chianti Ultra Trail. Its heart will be in a medieval town with a great history, Radda in Chianti, while the routes selected by the organizers will lead athletes to areas of unparalleled natural beauty and cultural value, through picturesque villages, hills, farms, vineyards, dense forests, occasional steep ascents and technical trails! Advendure will be there, as Media Sponsor for the event, while the roster includes 9 Greek runners, a good number for a brand-new European event!


There is no doubt that the athletes who take part in any one of the three Chianti Ultra Trail races, will truly experience some of the great cultural tradition of the Chianti area, with the oldest findings dating from 2,000 BC; they will also be able to discover and sample the excellent wines for which Tuscany, and of course Chianti, are famous. The Ultra-Wine event, on Sunday, March 25th, will definitely contribute to this - it includes a tour of the wine museum, and a short, 30-minute wine-tasting seminar! Ultra-Wine will take place in a fully renovated Franciscan monastery, currently the seat of the Chianti Classico Wine Consortium.


The racing part of the event includes three races, of 73, 37 and 15 kilometres. As Mr Matteo Matteuzzi, lead organizer, explained to us in his interview to Advendure: “We really believe in the institution of trail running. The nature here is so beautiful that we did not want the ultra-distance to be an obstacle for anyone wanting to come and run in Chianti”.



Let us have a look at the details of three races:


Chianti Ultra Trail – CUT (73K)

The ultra-trail race crosses areas of great natural beauty, such as Chianti Fiorentino and Chianti Senese, providing an opportunity for enjoyable running through vineyards and olive groves, and up and down the mountain trails of Monte San Michele. The elevation plot shows that the highest altitude is no more than 900 metres, while the overall ascent in 2,500 metres, making it a "fast race".


According to Mr Matteuzzi: “Generally speaking, the terrain is very smooth in the first 35 kilometres, which effectively also constitute the route of our mid-length race. Thereafter, the terrain is more technical, with steeper inclines. The last part of the race will reward your efforts. The route passes through a small medieval village and then descends into the valley with its vineyards and farms, before the trail takes you back to the old city through a Medieval crossing below the village! It is truly amazing! The terrain is generally smooth, except for part of the route that enters the forest, where the trails are narrower and you will have to cross a few refreshing creeks!"


Race features:

- Length: 73 km

- Ascent: +2,500 m

- Maximum altitude: 900 m

- Cut-off time: 14 hours

- Starting date and time: Saturday, March 24th, 6 a.m.

- Aid stations: 6

- ITRA points: 4

- Website: http://www.chiantiultratrail.com


Three Greek runners will take part in the Chianti Ultra Trail – CUT (73K) :


- Sofia Vlavianou

- Dimitrios Nousias

- Dimitrios Troupis


Based on the latest update from the organizers, the bad weather in Tuscany recently has caused some disruption (creeks have turned into torrents from the rainfall), and there may be some small changes to the long race route, but the length of 73 km will not be altered significantly. The general weather forecast, however, shows significant improvements during the week before the race.



Chianti Trail – CHT (37K)

The event's middle-distance race starts in the historical centre of Radda in Chianti and unfolds along the vineyards and hills of Chianti Senese, offering an excellent view of the area's natural landscape and monuments.


Race features:

- Length: 37 km

- Ascent: +1,200 m

- Cut-off time: 7 hours

- Starting date and time: Saturday, March 24th, 8 a.m.

- Aid stations: 5

- ITRA points: 1

- Website: http://www.chiantiultratrail.com


Four Greek runners will take part in the Chianti Trail - CHT (37K) :


- Konstantinos Chalioris

- Stavroula Panagiotou

- Grigorios Dionysopoulos

- Pavlos Douvitsas



Chianti Short Trail - CST (15K)

The smallest race in the event invites runners to get to know trail running through a pleasant route among the famous vineyards in the area surrounding Radda in Chianti.


Race features:

- Length: 15 km

- Ascent: +550 m

- Cut-off time: 4 hours

- Starting date and time: Saturday, March 24th, 9 a.m.

- Aid stations: 3

- Website: http://www.chiantiultratrail.com


Two Greek runners will take part in the Chianti Short Trail - CST (15K) :


- Iliada Panagiotou

- Nikos Chalioris




See the extended interview that the lead organizer, Mr Matteo Matteuzzi, granted Advendure, for more information about the event, the area, the organizers' vision for the first ultra-trail race in the Chianti area, and much more. 


Advendure will be in Radda in Chianti and has been invited to run the Chianti Ultra Trail, as official Media Sponsor of the event. Once again, our reporting will convey to the Greek trail running community, descriptions and experiences from a very interesting, new ultra-trail race, taking place in one of the most beautiful areas in Europe, which is world-renowned for its excellent wines, the picturesque medieval villages and important cultural heritage.  


Dimitrios Troupis

Translation in English by Sofia Vlavianou

Δημήτρης Τρουπής

Γεννήθηκε στο Ξυλόκαστρο Κορινθίας το 1969 και ζει στην Πάτρα τα τελευταία 30 χρόνια. Συμμετείχε στην συντακτική ομάδα του Adventure Zone από το 2009, ενώ μαζί με τον Τάκη Τσογκαράκη ίδρυσαν και "τρέχουν" το Advendure.  Παθιάζεται με τους αγώνες ορεινού τρεξίματος, υπεραντοχής και  περιπέτειας. Έχει πολλές συμμετοχές και διακρίσεις σε αγώνες ορεινού τρεξίματος όλων των αποστάσεων, με έμφαση στους αγώνες ultra trail.  Θεωρεί ότι το τρέξιμο στην φύση μας βοηθά να ενισχύσουμε την περιβαλλοντική ευαισθητοποίηση μας.

Website: www.advendure.com

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